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Thinking of Changing some things

I have been brainstorming. Even if I complain of limited budgets, I realize I have a whole lot more than many people. I shouldn’t be promoting myself, and asking for support on Patreon. (Yes, I realize it is still Summer… just looking forward to Apples and Pumpkins.) I […]

Observations on the Second Wave

I was watching some older episode of Cosmic Disclosure today. The first two that were by far my favorites. Before the introduction of things like the A.I. threat. People like Corey Goode and David Wilcock live in a completely different world than Matt Kahn. Matt Kahn says ascension […]

Sleepy Day

Today I already took a two hour nap, and I just want to snuggle into my blanket, again. I will be paying for my two hour nap when it is harder to fall asleep tonight as a result. Last night, as you might have noticed, I had a […]