Perplexed: What exactly is my Highest Excitement


Being an observer and contributor to the movement of Spirituality, I have often come across the teaching, “Follow your Highest Excitement.” Two major teachers of this concept of the following excitement are Bashar and Bentinho, yet the idea is now quite widespread.

So, when I remember this teaching and set out to follow my highest excitement… I think of a small range of choices. Each only mildly exciting. Here is an excitement log as of yesterday:

  1. Write post for Blog/Comment somewhere
  2. Catch up on anything I am following that I am behind on (So on Monday it is reading Brenda’s weekly post, and watching
  3. Listen to teachings while doing completely unrelated artwork. (Image above, I was listening to Bentinho.)
  4. Go out to get food/tea.
  5. Be an introvert and dedicate the day to staying in (usually with delivered Pizza, and often accompanied by winter weather/too much rain.)

Yesterday, even though the weather was sunny, if a little chill, I opted for 5. Sometimes the introvert just needs to enjoy the days where one’s roommate is away, by soaking in fully being alone in the apartment.

The recharging with alone time was not working. Around 7 pm I felt a wave of upset feeling. That is best how I describe those moments when something feels off balanced. I attempted to start writing a post, but the state I was in did not result in inspiring writing. The topic I was writing on, I am completing now. Not being able to imagine Epic excitement. That all my ideas could hardly be called my Highest Excitement.

After giving up on the post, I started feeling tired. It was still around 7pm, and I knew that sleeping now would lead to a late night. Yet, I came up with a plan to sleep now, stay up a little late, and then take melatonin to make myself tired enough to sleep again.

I had an energizing dream. When I woke, I could feel the energy coursing through me, and the feeling of an upset was gone.

I proceeded to listen to videos on Trinfinity while doing a little artwork. The work might not have been my best, but was interesting enough.


Was this an improvement over the work the day before where I was so out of the flow all I could manage was some very basic work.


So I haven’t really designed anything sellable for a while. The level of detail needs to be Higher if I want to go above the Postcard size. The resolution is easy to make higher, but my designs are too simple.

I am hoping that it will be easier to get detailed work on an iPad Pro. Either way, it will take lots of practice to get used to the Pencil. Right now all my Digital artwork is done with the trackpad of a laptop. Therefore, I cannot get much variation in lines. I can change the size before clicking, but the entire line will have the same thickness/weight.

There, I have written the post I couldn’t complete yesterday… soon to come, UPDATE ON IPAD PRO. Bet you cannot wait! You are so not tired of hearing me talk about the iPad Pro!

It is a good update, so I think even those who are tired of hearing about it, will enjoy it.

(Below is what I consider more of a flow in the artwork. For those who haven’t been following my Blog. The level of detail still needs to increase. These have already been featured images… BTW I live in Michigan and don’t often see these landscapes. Yet, even my trees have a cartoon-like character. Yes, there are many trees in Michigan.)



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