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Books and Dreams

Currently I have read 4% of A Course in Miracles and have been debating (with myself) the viewpoints expressed. I finished ‘The Nature of Personal Reality’ by Jane Roberts and had a dream not to read another Seth book at the moment. In the dream it was actually […]

I do not accept…

Here I am. Just deleted what I wrote. It was about having a cold, and having decided to ration my Angel Academy to allow Integration time. Quite a bit of writing about Halls Cough Drops, and how they make my whole mouth numb, and my stomach hurt. It […]

The Last Day of 2015

Say Goodbye to 2015, as its last hours pass. As the sun sets today, tomorrow comes the New. Will the promises be kept? As the many disciples of Hope gather around their own particular master… so many of which are making promises of Gold. In fact so many […]