My Past Beliefs and a Dream Entry

I had many dreams last night, the one I remember most clearly was about WordPress. Yesterday, I noticed someone had read some really old posts of mine from way back when I was stuck in many rabbit holes in the Internet. I re-read those posts, which were channellings, and they contained my hidden beliefs in 2015. Five years ago.

I have to say that I did my best to climb out of those rabbit holes and had a rather embarrassing post from 2015 that I recently converted to draft form. I had kept it up in the pick through of posts containing negative rabbit holes because I had hoped someone might be able to escape that rabbit hole if they found it while inside of it.

All embarrassment aside looking back I was introduced to many belief systems around the time of 2015. I can see others with these systems today as the rabbit holes have shifted narrative over the years and many in society are just beginning to discover them.

While in a conspiracy rabbit hole I was given the belief that due to talking about certain rabbit holes on my blog I was being censored on the Internet and that is why my posts had so few readers. That belief transformed over the years into it being my free speech about things I no longer believed in had gotten my site and my general username (peacenowflower) being put the list of sites to censor when they use whatever system that filters FakeNews.

That belief was recently reinforced when I joined Tik-Tok I had thousands of views in hours when I first joined. I had followers and likes. Then suddenly the views went to zero and have remained at zero for a month. I had used the email (peacenowflower) to sign up for the system and also linked to my Instagram which has a link to this site.

While I had some belief systems I picked up in those rabbit holes on this site in the past. I also have many posts that I am proud of. I do not want to start over anew, but someday I might have to leave the links to my past written in word aside.

I wish I could redeem myself and show that I am no longer in that belief system. I worked through it. I escaped mostly unharmed, but the evidence I face when using the Internet to share my voice brings up the remaining belief that holds on.

So on to the dream.

I dreamt that WordPress had added a new feature to the site that showed you which posts were causing your blog to be censored. First it started with the few posts I had overlooked (I forgot to check my posts in which I was channeling as I discovered yesterday.) Plus a few other conspiracy posts were on the list. So I reverted those posts back to draft.

I thought I was good and free. The new feature explained that due to having posts that violated the terms of agreement they had been slowing down my site so it was hard to use.

The new feature which had listed maybe about 7 posts in red was now at zero and in green. My site was good to go. Yet then the feature started scanning more posts and the count went up to 12, but it was still green. I went through and looked at old posts that had mentioned food. Apparently it was against user agreements to talk about a product you enjoyed. One by one I reverted them to draft.

I was at zero again on posts that violate user agreements. Yet the feature found more unacceptable posts. I discovered it allowed you to quickly put them into a new draft folder without even having to check them, so I moved them to that folder.

Again zero but immediately the feature started scanning. I was now scanning for any talk of medical things, disability, or advice that might comfort because I was not a Professional. The number of posts was high.

I tried to use the same process to put them into the new draft folder because I had decided to take all unacceptable posts and build my own site to show them… all except the first batch. Yet, when I tried to put them in the new draft folder there was a glitch. I lost hundreds of posts.

Those posts were gone and the number at zero, the number started climbing again. I was searching for a way to effectively move the high number to draft without losing them. Then I realized that the feature was showing me that every one of the posts I had ever made had a problem.

So I searched for the reason and found that in the user-agreement (in the dream not real life) it had said every post must be under 57 words long.

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