Allergies, Early Rest, Pondering (and next day)



The last two days, early in the day (7pm the first day, 9pm the next) I reached a level of low energy where all I wanted to do was sleep. Down set? When this happens to me I wake up around 11pm unable to fall back to sleep.

So here I am sleepy, yet, not yet ready to sleep again. My mild seasonal allergies have started up, I am allergic to something that is in the air in early spring. I eat local honey year round in hopes of dealing with this without medication. As I stated it is a mild allergy, with results in a runny nose and sneezing.

As you can tell by my art, I love trees, but my nose is not so happy when pollen is high from them. I made the mistake of looking at the allergy forecast, and discovered today was just high, Tuesday will be very high. Yet, I make it through unfazed, mostly, every year. I continue with my life, despite an itchy nose. Perhaps it is the allergy that is making me K.O. so early.

When I got up, I listened to another interview of Darryl Anka (Bashar) on youtube. I cannot, morally, watch the clips from channelings that are put up without his permission. Yet, if he is on a show talking on youtube, that is obviously with his permission. I was doing artwork at the same time to have more images for my Blog. The first picture I did took a while, and I ran out of Interview for the third.

Below is the one that ended up taking some time, even if it doesn’t really show. (Soon to be a main image for a post.)


Anyway. I was once again wondering about Bashar’s teaching of following the passion. It sounds so nice, but I want to see results to confirm the actuality of the teaching. I just don’t know if it works.

In a way, I have always been one who was more likely to follow passion. I went to art school, because I figured I’d be more likely to finish college if I enjoyed the coursework.

Now sleepiness, might be enough to fall asleep. Hopefully, Good Night. Didn’t really get to finish the thought, but sleepiness is back.

OKAY! I am back. Allergies are much less strong this day. Only a few sneezes so far. I must of hit save instead of Publish in my sleepiness wave last night.

Today, I have researched the benefits of Green Tea. I have also had Iced English Breakfast Tea with Milk. I made up some more to drink later. I made spaghetti, and didn’t do much eventful stuff today. I slept a longggg time.  Even if I did wake up at 5 a.m. wondering if I were sick. There is no chance that I have a human baby,  but perhaps being in the Hybrid Program is confusing my system more then normal. My period has stopped again, and now morning sickness?

Either way, after the sickness passed, I was back to sleep. This time for the longgg time. I forgot that I don’t have an alarm set on Sundays. My Mom commented that I didn’t look tired when she talked to me. Even though I get a good amount of sleep every night, I still often feel tired, and apparently look tired.

I have a long history with sleeping too much. Longgg history. The system has repetitively let me down on the chance of getting a sleep study to see if I have breathing problems in my sleep. Yes, you can be sleeping 16 hours a day, and still get rejected for a sleep study. Even when you Mother has very bad sleep apnea. I am just happy to be back to 10-12 hours. Last night I think I slept 12.5 hours, not counting the 2 hour nap from 9 pm to 11 pm.

So last night I was so tired I slept from 9pm to 11pm, then woke up and couldn’t sleep. Went back to bed at 1:30 am. Slept to 5 am. Had stomach ache for 15 minutes. Went back to sleep after. Slept till 2:00 pm. Got up. Took morning medication. Made dinner/lunch. Cleaned a little. Got on computer. Read blogs, researched. Wrote rest of this post. It is now 7pm. Productive day?

Usually I do more in a day then this. It is a Sunday. It was, I heard, good weather.


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