Month: September 2015

Messy Room: poem

Messy room. Dim Night. Hours late. Moonlight. Chai. Hardly touched. Hours past, Pouring. Never a poet. I tried. Lacking confidence, I failed. I cannot capture in word. Or picture. Even the essence of this feeling.   They speak of accession. A New World. They speak of deception. The Old World.   […]

Please watch it and feel it, will Ya…? ;-) Simply Powerful and Purely Enlightening Video. “Energetic Universe of Light and Sound”.

Originally posted on Quantum Leap Journey Change:
#What’sonMyMind #InAga’sBubble #briefly Was thinking what to write about this talk / film by Max Igan ( from The Crow House ), one of the best whistle blowers, investigative journalists and Truth Seekers out there, but there is actually no comment needed. This…

Half way there!

Hello Readers and World, I have a goal, to always have more views then the year before. Last years was a good year for views, with a post, I have taken down, being linked to on Facebook by someone who was able to give me 228 views in […]


If I had one thing to add, to the noise of the Internet, the constant notifications, dooms days and worries. What should I write. It will go in this massive heap of energy so vibrating it would give more then a electric shock. The only thing that would […]