Month: May 2015

Does not matter

the stars, your hand/heart reaches to the Heavens. That wonder in your eye, awe of a child, their first flower, Shines bright as stars above. longing, need a single star above a cave, a million stars above a million shrines Does not matter. Nor if, equally to Mother Earth […]

Ocean themed dream

The first aspect I remember about the dream was that I was working. A fellow employee was saving up to get married, and I was wearing work pants that looked like they had never been washed. The fellow employee saved up all their money and ran off to […]

Freedom from Gaming

I am one for following joy. If Gaming brings you joy, just figure out ways you can learn from the game. I have an addictive personality where I will obsess about a game until I have considered it beaten. Then I move on to the next game. I […]

Honoring my feelings

Yesterday, I wasn’t quite sure what my feeling was. It was a bit of anxiety without stress. I was overheated and something felt wrong. As my roommate is out of town, I had the whole apartment to myself. I pulled out more decks of Oracle Cards then I […]

Great Psychic Authors

Great Psychic Authors are on the frontiers of expanding societies definition of normal human experience. They are invaluable as psychiatry tries to label more and more of normal human aspects as Mental Illness. I’ve had an interesting path into slowly accepting my expanded definition what normal human experience is. […]

Musings on writing my book

Hello World, A friend of mine, Laura, gave me the idea of writing about the Fae. A fiction story of course. I tried to connect with the Fae about what they thought a good first chapter would be like. Ever since I have known about Tarot Cards, I’ve […]

Dream of Awakening

Sorry if I make errors. My vision is blurry from having an eye infection, and I can finally look at a screen today. I am just noting a Dream I had. Well, I’ve had many dreams the last few days, as my body has been trying to fight […]