Bentinho Massaro

Following Excitement (confusion)


I did decide to invest in Bentinho’s Academy for at least one month. I have been following the lessons almost everyday. Its funny when I come to the Three Day Process lesson, is when I start having doubts about many things.

I follow my excitement, but cannot imagine how this would result in better results. I have enjoyed this period of abundance, so much so that I don’t want to go back to having to budget to remain out of debt.

In the spirit of following my excitement, I invested in balcony gardening supplies, and will be picking up plants to grow on May 6th. (There is a community project called Project Grow. Last year I went through them to garden in two small plots. Yet, I felt I didn’t take good enough care of my garden. It was beautiful with Marigolds all around, but I didn’t like walking to the garden. I was always surprised that my Fae friend kept the garden in good condition. I had no idea what I was doing.

So this year, I am staying simple, and near. If it is my own garden, I don’t have to worry about not taking the best care of plants (because I have no idea what I am doing.) My plan is two tomato plants, two herbs, and flowers. Being on the second floor, I need not worry about rabbits or deer eating my plants.

Yet, I do not see how balcony gardening is going to result in abundance. I will have an abundance of tomatoes (if not as much as the five tomato plants I had least year), but I only like to cut up tomatoes to make pasta sauce. (I don’t like them raw.) I will also have basil for my tomato sauce.

I also invested in new athletic shoes, and I went to a local store to get help finding a perfect pair. The shoes cost more there, but I like having help picking out shoes from someone who actually knows what they are doing.

So… what exactly is supposed to result from a small balcony garden, and shoes. I do not understand my excitement in the least. This wasn’t the only thing my excitement told me to invest in. Basically a grocery list of things. (Really when I wrote it out, it sounded like a grocery list.)

I do not understand my excitement. I wish that my Security Blanket would just manifest. I envision my Security Blanket is having enough to invest in my different excitements without having to worry about running out of money.

I could still pursue having a successful blog, and improving artwork. Yet, I would now have enough money to invest in any kind of art supply I wanted, and an area that is easy to get to, where I can just get messy with paint. I love digital art, but I pursue it because I don’t have to continuously invest in supplies to make it. Also, I would like to be able to take art classes, to remember what I have forgotten. Plus I would like to travel a bit more. I would like to have an actual yard to garden in. An impressive garden, with raised beds, and a fence to keep out rabbits.

If I had to write myself in this next chapter, I’d say, “I’m Effortlessly Abundant. What I need just comes to me. I follow excitement without of the worry of running out of supplies. The path I walk, is a masterpiece of expression. I am a master artist, who paints the very path as I walk forward.”

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  1. I love your excitement…. Never let it go, even when times seem challenging… Everything is a gift to feel more excitement and more abundance… Isn’t bentinho wonderful, I’ve been tuning in what seems for ever for young creatures like him to come and help set people free… He’s doing it in a great way… Even got me to understand parallel universes… Have a great day… Love barbara x

    • He seems to have great knowledge, and confidence. I vaguely remember his parallel universes, and the trains.

  2. I love plants, but my fiance and future mother-in-law feel bad for me because I have trouble keeping any houseplant other than pothos alive. I spent maybe $75 dollars last year to make a beautiful indoor succulent garden and it turned out to be infested with fungus gnats. Money and effort down the drain. Regardless, I did convince my Dad to build me a little raised bed this year. It’s a poor man’s raised bed, not very deep and not pretty to look at, but I am thankful for it. I planted seeds for sunflowers, lavender, chives, and sweet basil. I also transplanted a gerber daisy plant that was not thriving in the house. This was just done yesterday, so it will be weeks before i see results. I planted flower seeds for my dearly departed kitty cat as well. He has a little grave in the yard. I wish you luck with your balcony garden. 🙂

    • Yes, my carrots didn’t make it last year. I planted them too close together. I am surprised everything else worked out. Lots of Green Beans, and Yellow Beans.
      Good luck with your raised bed!

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