Month: December 2016


I set out to create some magickal art, however, all I ended up doing is drawing cute animals, deleting them and drawing another cute animal. I finally decided to finalize one of them. This is an example of the kind of artwork I do when I am taking […]

Sigils? Chaos Magic? Art

Hope you all had/are having a wonderful holiday. I am thinking of creating magical artwork to manifest. Apparently, using something called a ‘Sigil’ is common in something called ‘Chaos Magic.’ The above artwork was designed to have manifesting power and to draw a joyful holiday season to me. […]

Alter of Joy Challenge

I was listening to Kryon last night, as he went in depth into Numerology. In short, I was worried about the future and looking for comfort. This year 2016 in Numerology adds up to 9 which is endings. Many things this year have added up to 9’s. Next year […]