A still and restless silence fills the area around me. Worries come to my mind and I want to express them. Yet, the sharing of them does not really do more than project them. What am I doing, what do I do? Try as you might, you cannot […]

Internet Woes

Progress on the Internet is so terribly slow. There are no topics on the Forums I want to reply to and half the time you write anything you are given Spiritual answers about how you are doing things wrong. If you express the discouragement you feel about everyone […]

Centering Prayer

While I am someone steeped in New Age Mentality to the point I regularly follow many channelers and am known to pull out the Tarot Cards. Something is telling me it is time to go back to my roots, my base of Catholicism. In short, it is time […]

Dream: The Hierophant

In this dream, I was once again in a Catholic School like the one I grew up in only this was a stricter Catholic School. Fellow Blogger Persephone Rose and myself were taken to see a Popelike figure. Apparently, word had gotten around that we were using Tarot Cards. This Hierophant […]