Mostly Healthy: Learning as I go

After reading the book ‘Why Women Need Fat,’ I have a few questions that will require further research. While searching for this I came across a book called ‘Get You Fats Straight’ by Sarah Pope. It included helpful information on how to Eat a Higher Fat Diet even if […]

Walk into work

So what do you talk about on a New Age Blog when everyone is already divine and therefore just as wise as my most wisdom filled words? I talk about my life. Currently a big focus is my weight loss goals. Now there are so many contradictory statements […]

Rain, Wind, and Chill

I would love to be out walking to get exercise and enjoying the special event on Pokemon Go. It is the perfect combination. The more I walk, the more I can eat and the more Pokemon I catch/hatch. Yet, the weather did not work with me today. If […]

A windy quiet day — updates

I guess I need to give an explanation of my sudden desire to lose weight. I might have Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver. Even the Doctor is unsure this is why my Liver enzymes are high. They think it could also be linked to my medication. Anyway, a part of […]

Starting Diet #3

Out of all the 2 diets, I have been on. The simple calorie cutting was the most lasting. When I tried the weight watchers diet, I bounced back in two weeks all the 20lb I lost. When I tried the simple calorie cutting (at a healthy rate) the […]