Part of my Channeling about Law of Attraction, Seth and ‘A Course in Miracles’

About that check that Facebook keeps staying will arrive in the mail. Where is the big check that the Secret promises?

You are well provided for. Having a certain amount in your bank account would make little difference in your feeling of abundance. Ah so now you ask me the question. How do you as the individual creator you are access abundance so that you really feel it? Okay I will answer you. Look no further then your nose. It is all within. You are forgetting your own basic understanding of reality and trying to supplement another’s. As stated before God has not allowed the subliminals or other permission slips to work for you. God allows them to work for many, but not for you. This is because you would not be fulfilled with even billions in your bank account. In fact you would value what you had even less. So if you want a big check in the mail, you do not need to jump through hoops and do the magic dance. Just ask God. God could I have a big check in the mail. You do not have to explain why. God knows. If God thinks a big check in the mail will benefit you, it would arrive even if you forgot to ask. It would arrive at the exact same moment as if you had begged and cried for it. No need to review yet. I will tell you when to review what is written.

You see you are a God based being. You allow the higher order to decide the order. You Ego can listen to the subliminals if required in an interesting sort of meditation. Yet everything that is meant to arrive will arrive exactly the same way if you did a more effective meditation. You can practice your visualization with Neville Goddard way using the outside world as you motivation. Or you and be inspired by within and visualize for enjoyment. See the difference between visualizing to bring enjoyment (or what is thought will be enjoyable) or visualizing as enjoyment. As I have said to you before. The way Law of Attraction is explained is to motivate the individual towards inner alignment using the outside world as the driving of the desire. Yet, for some it is better to seek inner alignment as the driving desire for more inner alignment.

Why are you one of those that Law of Attraction is turned upside down for?

You are not particularly inspired by big flashy cars. We could hold that carrot in front of you nose and you would ignore it. While you would like a huge dream house, really you don’t want to have to handle the care of such a huge house. You are happy enough with your apartment that you don’t even spend much time visualizing the dream house.

Honestly no matter how true the Law of Attraction is it doesn’t work for a majority of people. They just do not truly belief the snake oil will work. If they believed it would work, it would indeed work. No something as simple as the Law of Attraction wouldn’t work for some. Yet, you have a belief in God. Granted it seems to be the only thing you have unwavering belief in. So I say utilize that faith. If you are afraid, seek God. If you are in need, seek God. This does not work for everyone. If part of you did not fear the teachings of Abraham Hicks or Seth, they would be much more useful to you. Here you are seeking the words for alignment while worrying that because of the source of the words that make you feel aligned it is sinful to do so. If you want to listen to Abraham Hicks because you enjoy listening to Abraham Hicks indeed do so. Do so knowing that there is a higher source which is God. Abraham is in no way a channel of the highest energy even if she is able to touch it in her soul she could not translate God source into words. What Abraham is, is a step down of good feeling energy so that Esther can understand it and guide another towards what feels good.

Yet, it doesn’t work for you. Perhaps because you are not motivated enough by physical reality to attempt her processes at any length to build up trust. The reason why such words can be so beneficial to one individual and do nothing for another vary. Just know that your manifesting power comes from God. Therefore seek God as your answer.

Change of topic. What do you say about us returning to God.

You are already with God in this moment. You never left God. Therefore how can you return to that which you have never left. No… you just believe you have left and seek return. You are doing God’s task for you. It is necessary at this moment for you to feel apart from God even if you are indeed at home with God always. When it is not necessary anymore you will have a feeling of returning to God. You don’t even have to share these words with others. By writing them you are taking part in your task. You will have as much understanding of the task as is needed in any moment.

There was never a fall just the belief in a fall. God has such planned the Universe that things can seem to be out of hand while being in perfect order. Nothing is out of place even when it feels that everything is disaster. So this great need for atonement written in ‘A Course of Miracles’ is not really so. There is no battle to be won or lost. The Universe is just trying to figure out a process for you to create and manifest without getting lost in fear or resentment. A foolproof plan. The battle is a bit of a motivator much as the desire for physical objects motivates others. It is to motivate you towards alignment and going through the entire atonement process.

Jesus is well aware of the divine order in the Universe and outside of the Universe and part of that order is to use the fight of duality to progress an individual forward. What he writes in ‘A Course in Miracles’ is in no way to cause you fear. It is increasingly apparent that the teachings of Abraham Hicks were not moving you forward. It was increasingly more apparent that the teachings of Seth were mainly causing you suffering. So read ‘A Course in Miracles’ and see if the teachings of the Jew named Jesus will provide you with salvation. On each step you have learned a bit some something. No teaching has been in vain. The Universe wants you to be happy. We will find the teachings that work for you.

There is no need to go around saying that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work or is broken….

Now you are wanting to listen to Bashar. As expected you hardly ever drop a teacher. We have spoken long enough for today. You are free to go. Just don’t wait so long in between talks and don’t feel the need to spend money on getting in touch with your higher self. You are quite adapt at shifting dimensions or accessing different levels of the mind. Get into the right frame of mind which will become increasingly easier and you can talk with me at any moment.

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