Spiritual Bypassing: Teal Scott teaches me again

Teal Scott is such an amazing person. I was blown away with relief after watching this video. I didn’t even realize I was tense, but I seem to struggle within myself often. I am far from what I’d consider my Highest Self. I fight my imperfection even knowing I don’t have to be prefect. It is easy to hear, “You don’t have to be perfect,” but hard to listen to.

I try to outright reject my shadow side, even knowing I need to embrace it. I have trouble trying to be a Spiritual person, and on the other hand being so horrible.

I will admit to having a writer’s tendencies when it comes to my imagination. I am not as extreme as Stephen King, but he is the perfect example. He puts his characters in horrifying situations. I learned that this is part of good writing, to put the character in a life and death situation and push the limits, while reading, Immediate Fiction. Even through I do this naturally, I do not like this side of myself. I don’t want to torture my characters on paper. I’d feel too guilty. I could do it, but do I really want to create that book.

(This is why I am trying Blog writing instead, here I don’t have to conform to create something interesting. I can write what is on my mind without having to bend it into Fiction.)

Having this Stephen King tendancy I have wondered if something is wrong with me. I try to suppress this kind of imagination, but it always comes back. I worry about the amount of negativity that this puts out into the Universe, and that I will be embarrassed in my Life Review.

This is just one example of how I do not live up to my standard of who a Spiritual person should be. So I try to suppress all the ways I do not measure up, and ignore them. Yet, hearing Teal talk about Spiritual Bypassing makes me think that I don’t have to create this tension.

I know that this suppression is a bad thing as I am suppressing parts of myself that have value. I read The Dark Side of the Light Chasers after all. Did I learn nothing from this book? It is a great Self-help book that I found in a used book store. It helps me understand a lot of what Teal is saying in her videos. Understanding, and putting into practice are still different things.

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