Short dream journal entry

As the sleepiness of the morning catches up with me, I find myself unable to focus on reading. Perhaps in half an hour when this caffeine activates I will be more apt to read. There are many humms of refrigerators and mumms of air conditioners in the air. I could meditate listening to the background noises for focus.

I actually woke with energy this morning. I was dreaming that I was at my old High School only school was over and I went out into a bit of grass. In this bit of grass were about 20 cats! They were just sitting there with their human’s as if they were dogs. When one cat ventured out into the road a human called them back and they listened. So the groups of cats there were two main groupings. One was of random coats while the other group was all russian blues.

I was just thinking in my dream that it was about time to wake up because school would start at 8am. Yet I thought it is almost 6am now I could sleep another hour. Yet, the dream told me it would be nice to be up an hour early to eat food and get ready for school. I looked at the dream clock and it was almost 6am.

My alarm went off at 6am (in the waking world.) My dream clock at been surprisingly accurate and to the minute.

After dreaming about the need to wake up soon, it was easy for my mind to shift into the awake mode. However, the slowness of the morning seems to be making me wish I could climb back in bed. The caffeine and the act of writing seems to be increasing my energy now. I was required for the opening shift at work, it should be some time before the pace picks up.

So what a better time to write. I need not make money from the post because I already am getting paid to sit here. Sometimes I do need the motivation of work to get me up in the morning hours. I was on a good schedule for about 2 weeks last month, but seem to have fallen back into my late waking hours.

I hope you enjoyed my short write up of what I remember of my dream.


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