Today was one of the days when it was difficult to get up. My body was on California time still from my recent trip. Not that my body isn’t normally on California time due to my night owl self. After my body telling me a number of times to just continue to sleep, the moment to get up arrived. I have to say that today was a Starbucks (the kind you buy in stores) day.

Yes, I was recently visiting family again in California where I drank much bubble tea. If I had the money, I know where to open a bubble tea store in A2. I know we already have two such stores, but their quality does not match those on the west coast and the store would be in a different location. There is a spot that has been open for years in the area with a Korean Bakery and Chinese Grocery store. The only downside is that it is by three coffee shops, but I think the product is different enough to attract customers.

Granted I do not have the savings to start a business. I just feel that it a location that could attract many customers to a bubble tea store. I suspect that the spot has been open for so long due to the rent possibly being high.

(If you are interested in opening a quality bubble tea store in Ann Arbor Michigan look into the spot next to ‘Curry On Indian Street Food.’ If good bubble tea franchise from the west coast looking to expand to other states, the spot was getting renovated to be a Mexican restaurant about two years ago, but no one has worked on the place in years.)

I will leave this idea up for synchronicity to lead the right person to. Therefore I will also exclude any tags on this post.

I am hoping that I missed the last of winter during my trip and the cold does not return.

I am planning on making some strawberry crisp as I have all the ingredients at home excluding 2-3 lb of strawberry. The recipes I looked up called for 2 lbs of strawberries, but my apple crisp tends to call for 3 pounds. So I am thinking of adding a pound of strawberries. Yesterday I began the beginning for a strawberry shortcake and will likely pick up some angel food cake mix.

You see to me, apple crisp can be a full meal. It has all the elements of a dinner or breakfast. Oats, Fruit, Butter, Flour. It is indeed a bit more sugary than the average dinner, but you are free to modify the amount of sugar and oats to make it less sugary. If Pancakes is a meal. If oatmeal with loads of sugar and fruit is a meal. If french toast is a meal… why is apple crisp (or strawberry crisp) not modified to make it a meal?

So I need a cook to help create a more meal-like version of the different Fruit Crisps. Because I am not too sure of my cooking ability I have not messed much with the different crisp recipes. Only I must note that if you add enough lemon juice to an apple crisp it starts to taste like a lemon bar with oats. Also if you have good organic apples, the peels can be used to create a small ‘Apple Peel Crisp.’ This goes well scooped on the top of the main apple crisp for more variety of texture.

Granted I do not have a set recipe for ‘Apple Peel Crisp,’ but I tend to increase the amount of lemon juice in apple peels and add some oatmeal to the main mixture. The topping is about the same as the regular crisp.

Wish me luck at the grocery store tonight because I will be sorely tempted to stop by the Starbucks and just leave the grocery shopping to another day!

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