The bird which has forgotten how to fly

The issues of the world are apparent, but two sides are fighting over the cause and course of action. Each says that the other side is at fault. Remember the quote: “The Left Wing and Right Wing Belong to the Same Bird.” This is perhaps an understanding that requires some thought as 2020 gets closer.

For too long has the population been divided between two sides. If not political wings there are the divisions of young or old, left brained or right brained, urban or rural. We are divided on so many topics and areas that I sometimes wonder how we are still standing.

We get caught in narratives of blame as to who is causing the worlds problems. Yet, a bird cannot fly with just one wing. We need the aspects of those who are different in viewpoints to work together as a nation and world.

We fight over, path one or path two, and never find the path straight down the middle that we were provided with the intelligence to discover. We are blind to the middle way where everyone can find happiness.

We need to start looking for the middle ways to get over the topics that divide us and discover we agree on a majority of issues.

I will speak my views on the topic of abortion. First off a person needs to have very little faith of having the support of the Universe/God to want one to begin with. It is a drastic action and not to be taken lightly. Yet when a person is so afraid of being pregnant and giving birth, should they be forced to face that fear? Abortion is an out of alignment action, and I think the real issue isn’t found in the abortion. The real issue is that our society is so out of alignment that people risk death if not provided with safe ways to have an abortion. I see abortion as a symptom and we are debating how to handle a symptom and not finding solutions towards prevention.

How long have we been debating the correct solution to the symptom of abortion without looking for the cure for the desire of a person to have an abortion?

I will not say where I stand because I lose half the county no matter which I choose. The topic of debate should be “What is the most effective way to stop women from wanting abortions?” That they are wanted at all is the real issue to be faced.

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