Books and Dreams

Currently I have read 4% of A Course in Miracles and have been debating (with myself) the viewpoints expressed. I finished ‘The Nature of Personal Reality’ by Jane Roberts and had a dream not to read another Seth book at the moment.

In the dream it was actually about a disagreement between Abraham (Hicks) and Seth (Roberts.) I assume they were debating about the process of examining negative beliefs varies the process of following excitement. However in the dream I suddenly had a mistrust for ‘Seth’ because the name seemed like an ancient word for ‘devil.’ Yes I did have some conflict between the Old World fear of channeling and the New World me.

Months ago I had a dream where I found Abraham (Hicks) scary and woke thinking that if a religious enough person had such a dream after listening to Abraham they would think God was warning them and keep away from channeling.

Yet, I am not the kind to abandon a teacher because of traditional religious upbringing. I have dealt with my fears of Hell quite effectively. Seth seems to be willing to be a sacrificial lamb to the old belief system so that the whole of the new thought movement is not lost to this fearful belief. Yet, I plan on returning to further Seth books, just not at present.

Yes, as of yet there is still some fear attached based on old belief systems. To that I say, “Everything your fear of channeling brings up in your times a godzillion will you POD and POC it?” POD AND POCK IT! Just a little hint of the Access Consciousness clearing statement. Which has been one of many teachers along the way. It is very effective for stilling the mind.

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