I channeled thusly…

My vacation from Deep Pondering lasted maybe a day and now I am listening to the ‘Conversations with God’ series on audiobook. Just recently a fourth book was released for that Trilogy making it a Tetralogy. A word so uncommonly used that the computer thinks is a misspelling. Let […]

Time to ponder and decide

I just watched Unacknowledged, yet I think there is a deeper truth even more unknown. I think that the Universe is ultimately designed perfectly. It is a Spiritual Universe at its core. Therefore, if the government is designed in such a way there is a deeper unseen reason […]

I shall attempt to write. As for a big meaningful topic. My mind seems to be blank on that. I have been doing much quiet pondering and examination of the world around me. My Diet is going to be a slow one, and in the end very uncomplicated. […]