Dolores Cannon’s New Earth – channeled message

In order to understand parts of this message you need to be familiar with Dolores Cannon’s concept of the New Earth, which is very similar in nature to the Christian rapture.
Dolores discovered patients under hypnosis often talked about a new world being created to replace the old earth soon. 


The difference between the old and new Earth being very dimensional it would be highly possible to slip between dimensions without realizing it. The access point to New Earth being a certain frequency there are many who periodically visit it without realizing. For the time being it is natural to shift from one dimension to the other throughout the day. The spirit beings have found it necessary to create an in between realm where those still on the old earth can interact with those who are primarily of the new earth. It is a safe realm where the New Earth being’s energy is protected while at the same time the New Earth being can offer guidance and healing too an individual who needs an extra push to get on the New Earth path. Often neither being will realize they are in a safe between dimension realm. 
For a while even those who are safely and firmly planted into the energy of the New Earth will be called to the between realm to be a guide for someone of the Old Earth if only momentarily. You will find that the dimension of the New Earth has been accessed before this time period in history by beings that to those of the Old Earth sometimes thought were angel’s. Or a being from the Old Earth will briefly have shifted to a point in the New Earth and discovered the awe inspiring beauty of a location that they were never able to find again.
Time being a convenient location, the entire time Dolores was hearing about the New Earth being made, it had already been made in a certain location in time. The writer is being reminded of the Bashar saying, ‘everything is here and now.’ So at this moment there is the creation of the New Earth and it’s full maturity in existence. Just as in this time there is the creation of Atlantis, its height in glory and its fall.
So throughout history there has been the soon creation of the New Earth or Heaven. For it has always been in the process of being created and at the same time it has always been already there populated fully.
The Event or Rapture is not at a single moment in time. It is waiting for when the individual is ready for it.
The individual is like a tree, there are certain avenues in which it is grown, but the tree does not have to worry about whether it is growing at the correct rate. Each individual human is as fated to reach rapture as a tree is fated to break out of its seed and grow.
In this moment in time, all of history is ripe to burst free of its seed and start a new growth. Not only will all of the Earth face the Event, but all of history.
Every person you have ever been in your incarnation and reincarnations is existing right now. When one aspect of the soul reaches New Earth, all aspects of the soul reach it together throughout history. Every you splinter of the whole soul is fated to work together to enter New Earth and each of these aspects will experience New Earth in their own individual way. Everything being here and now, every single soul will reach that point at the exact same moment while seemingly being of different moments. 
Dolores was correct in her understanding of New Earth, but she needed to think of time as locational instead of universal. When someone is in a location, say Michigan, they are fully aware that other locations exist such as China. They do not see it, but it can be just as real and with the correct course assessable. When a person is in a certain location in time 8:44 am in Michigan, 8:44 pm in Michigan exists in the same moment and it is assessable just as China is. Therefore New Earth is very soon. It is always soon and never far. It’s kind of like Enlightenment in that a person can spend a lifetime trying to find it, and a person can have it at any moment. Enlightenment is a frequency of choice sometimes.
A person can walk down the street in Old Earth and be fully encompassed in the New Earth. And I wonder when a person will realize that they can be in Heaven at any moment just as Enlightenment does not need to take a lifetime to achieve. 

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