I could not keep my post about the feeling Taehyung was a Twin Flame up. In my mind, I pictured the ridicule of the ARMY that someone like me could be a Twin Flame to someone like Taehyung. It shows I still do not feel safe on the internet to express myself.

I visit several realities throughout the days. Each with its own narrative that I do not attach myself to. That was the narrative of trusting my Intuition even when my logical side told me it was impossible. Yet, my logical side won because I could not keep the post up for more than a few hours. I tried publishing it twice.

For the fun of it, I tried putting Taehyung and myself into an astrological compatibility charting site. This showed me that my Intuition was at least spot on about telling me about compatibility. I couldn’t read a majority of the chart information, yet enough was understood.

I had a dream that told me to start restricting calories again. I am in the easy part of a diet. The part where resisting the temptation of sweets isn’t quite so hard. I have learned a lot about nutrition since my last diet. My eating habits have changed dramatically. I’ve learned how to calculate the calories of food I cook. (Unlike my first diet where I mainly ate frozen dinners to know how many calories I was consuming.)

Thinking about Taehyung being a Twin Flame made me realize exactly how secretly (or not so secretly) insecure I was about my weight. My eldest brother used to be very skinny. His wife was not. She felt so insecure about having a skinny husband that he decided to purposely gain weight. Yet, he couldn’t put on weight so he took pills that help with weight gain.

I would much rather attempt dieting to overcome my insecurity, I know the first 20 lbs will be easy because I’ve often made it to the 20 lbs lost goal. My test is if my knowledge of food can get me past that point.

Now dieting can be confusing. Some people do not advocate a calorie restricted diet. I plan on mixing Intermittent Fasting with calorie restriction. Some proponents of Intermittent Fasting are against restricting calories during the time you can eat. I however find it easier to eat two good meals than three small meals. Or often I would just eat an apple in the morning to start up my digestive system, a small lunch and one bigger dinner.

With Intermittent Fasting I will not start eating till my work break at 2pm and I will stop eating at 10pm. So here I am not 9am and knowing full well I can make it till 2pm because I often only have coffee with a tablespoon of cream in the morning and do not eat till 2pm. The main difference with Intermittent Fasting is that I will stop attempting to turn on my digestive system purposely in the morning with things like a little cream in my coffee or an apple.

Research shows I can still have coffee with no cream or sugar added in the morning. So here I am sipping some Cold Brew and writing. I woke early today with the sunrise. I have the full day ahead of me. Good morning! 🌞

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