Night Lights

The silence hangs heavily in the air. To all the unique pieces of the puzzle of all that is, who are in the process of learning how to stop trying to fit into the round hole when they are as multifaceted as a beautifully complex snowflake.

Perhaps we are all on a journey of complexity and simplicity. We build up concepts and ideas yet, periodically the uneven structure falls. Parts are discarded while the overall structure reaches a level of stability that was non-existent before.

What is ahead as the chaos of the world rages louder and louder attempting to grab the attention of all and drag them in? There are those whose emotional state if linked heavily to an outside concept or political power.

Yet, in the seeming chaos, here I am sitting in silence. The air conditioning seems to be working. The walls seemly hold up despite much talked about storms. I attach myself to no narrative, yet am aware of both sides of the political discourse.

The bricks on the columns holding up this architectural structure don’t seem to care who is in power and who will be in power. I know of a great many Spiritual teachers who advise putting your head in the sand. Who advise focusing on what you see instead of what the news or newspaper tells you.

Others call this blasphemy, yet in my life I have proven myself fully capable of social, religious and political blasphemy.

Even if the structure that the bricks hold up should someday fall, I’ve yet to hear the bricks say a word. I’m staring at some now, and if anything they seems to say, “I am brick. I am strong.”

Yet, enough of this discourse. The argument can be made either way, whether it is better to put oneself in almost consistent emotional stress following the news or whether to put ones head in the sand to build inner stability in a chaotic world.

I would have to say that those who turn off the news tend to live happier lives and even if they meet an untimely end due to being uninformed. They were much happier every step along the way.

In reality it is a balancing act. Give and take is natural. In some ways I am much more informed than I appear. I just don’t talk about what I know very often. For in this complex world the line between who is right and who is wrong is actually non-existent.

Politics can be a bit more uncontrollable of a force like the tide. The pendulum that swings from one extreme to the next. Every night is followed by the day and every day faces it’s next night. This is the nature of time. Yet, even in the darkest night, inside and in others will shine the brightest light. For each of us is a star in and of itself. We just couldn’t see it until it became dark.

It isn’t one side who is right and the other wrong. We are each the light that the other might someday need.

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