Chatting over tea

Welcome! Pull up a chair and get a cup of tea while I ponder what it is I want to say. The last few posts I wrote have not been posted. Interruptions interfered with the completion aspect of the post and I never went back to clear it up.

I was clearly in the spirit world while my subconscious interpreted the meaning last night. A spirit offered me a state of the art revolutionary innovative course to take after which I started giving hugs to my family members. Only they didn’t always look like the family member I was hugging. Some had to speak so I could hear it was their voice. One brother had a horn like a unicorn.

Suddenly I thought of one of my sisters to greet. Only she took off in an airplane shaped like an angel. I will have to stop the dream summary short as this sister sometimes reads my posts. The spirits concluded from all this that I was still attached to the people in the physical plane. That did not indicate if this was good or bad. Just an observation.

I think not long ago I entered a timeframe where if I was no longer attached to the physical I would have naturally died. They say there possible exit points written into the life plan that are not always taken if the person is following enough of their life path.

Now I do not have the most EPIC life. I am a bit like the button lady. My progress in life is gaining emotional intelligence and balancing the aspects of self. I am really not the most ambitious at work and if I were more ambitious I have the skill and intelligence that I could be quite successful professionally.

Yet, here I am as I am. Not quite as ambitious as the Brain from Pinky and the Brain. I did manage to write this post, that is something. My life purpose might be linked to writing so at least I periodically do manage to create. Perhaps if I had a QHHT session and heard from my subconscious I might be inspired to another burst of writing.

The act of creation of words on a screen. Jumping from one mind to the next. A quiet beginning to the day it has been. Slowly my energy levels are waking. Mainly I am writing because I do not feel like reading at the moment. I already attempted a meditation, but was pulled out by an attempt to look up my reiki manual online. No success in finding it. I’d have to say I managed about 20 minutes of meditation before a thought was so distracting I didn’t even think to ignore it.

What is a roundabout way to tie post together? Well either way I hope you enjoyed your tea. This has been more a chat than an article. Enter the day (or night) with cheer, for the tea has warmed your heart because not all the spilling of tea has to be gossip.

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