The Exclusivism of the 5D and Philosophy

I was re-reading the last channeling I did about Dolores Cannon’s Philosophy of the New Earth. The New Earth concept being a lot like the Rapture with those who make it and those who are left behind, I was just pondering how the writings of Dolores Cannon, in the series ‘Convoluted Universe’ seem to be a mixture of Hinduism and Christianity. That however is a post for another time.

When I channel I take on the viewpoints of the energy I am channeling. I try it on for size. I am particularly good at taking on the energy of Bashar, Abraham Hicks, and even Catholicism. So in my last channeling I was holding Dolores Cannon’s New Earth teachings in mind and writing as one who put aside my judgmental mind and embodied the beliefs.

Going back with my full personality in tack I attempted to re-read the channeled message today and noted how every egoistical the beginning sounded to the frequency I was holding at that moment.

In fact it reminded me of past viewpoints I briefly held on the concept of 3D people, versus 5D or beyond people. Or in other words those who feel they are awake and enlightened and feel those who do not hold the same belief system are asleep.

The New Age concepts are often a re-hashing of the old belief systems with channeled beings like Abraham (Hicks) using analogies that can be found in ancient philosophies like Taoism. For example, Abraham used to talk about swimming upstream with your thoughts vs going downstream with the flow. Taoism talks about the stream too and a person’s ability to swim against the current, hold onto a branch, or allow the current to carry you in the flow.

Exclusivism is an ancient concept as well, found throughout history and in groups to this day. Dolores Cannon’s books are filled with them including the concept of the ‘back-drop people.’ Back-drop people are said to be human’s who do not have the same kind of soul. You essentially are said to ‘make them up’ to fill the space around you.

As someone who has spent time in awe watching cars and thinking about how each of these cars contains a person who has a full life like me going on their individual path, the concept of ‘back-drop people’ dims the wonder of all that is. Isn’t it amazing to be in a crowded airport surrounded by people on journeys? Isn’t that more awe inspiring than the people around you being just… just… an illusion?

Along with the writings on the New Earth, which have been adopted by many New Age thinkers (whether they know the origins or not) is that concept of those who are not on path to go to the New Earth that must be saved from the Old Earth. This seems to be very parallel to Christianity.

Dolores’ books and the New Age seem to be a mixture of western and eastern philosophies. Abraham (Hicks) seems to be a bit of a Hedonism mixed with Taoism and Objectivism and Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) is very much the same.

I myself am more of a Middle Way kind of philosopher neither Eudaemonistic or Hedonistic. Not Altruistic or Objectivistic. I seek a way of balancing.

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