Update May 23

It has been a while Internet. I am holding my head up. I allowed my domain name and WordPress plan to renew because even if I cannot bring myself to write often, I cannot let go of this Blog. Being in my INFP power I am a writer, not so great of a Youtuber or Tic Tok star.

So here I am currently between work and not knowing when my employment will start up again. I watched a YouTube video about how people should make money on social media in the big four platforms of which I focus mainly on Instagram. I thought about getting in front of a camera and decided to just write a post instead.

Here on my old trusty Blog that I have considered leaving in the dust altogether. When I started this Blog it was a bit counter culture, yet now the New Age is becoming increasingly mainstream. Perhaps I simply jumped into a reality that was a better fit to my personality.

When Covid-19 started to hit harder, I did what any reasonable Reiki Master, grid worker, lightworker and empathic healer would do. I attempted to heal the situation, I got in meditation groups and added my power to that of others.

When the virus continued to spread despite I realized that there must be an important reason for the virus. I verbally talked to my higher self about it and said I was going to allow. This was all in March.

While I have done some Lightwork and other meditations in attempts to heal the virus, I have largely been in allowing mode. As I am an Introvert I do not suffer greatly being in Hermit mode a long time. I watch lots of YouTube and BTS.

So here I am. Still going. Still learning. Still living. Oh, how much the world has changed since I started this Blog in 2012. I still don’t have the answers. I just listen to a lot of viewpoints and attempt to discern what feels right to me.

What did I imagine of myself when I started this journey of writing? The more I learned the less I knew and I continued to listen to differing viewpoints. I do not feel like giving advice. I am good at giving advice sometimes.

What advice would I give if asked? It is far better to live by example than to put things into words. I am by no means perfect, but I am becoming more of myself everyday. I still have the instinct to run and hide who I am. To take my light and cover it lest it be seen and judged.

The truth is I do not have a thick skin and have watched stars fall from power at the slightest flaw. Yet, I do not want to put on a mask to write. I still have trouble, at times, understanding what a person is talking about when they use the word Ego. I have an Ego and I still tell ‘A Course in Miracles’ I am atuned not atoned.

I do not have the mystical experience of feeling the great oneness of all creation. I’d rather the music I listen to be many notes and not just one. I haven’t been reading as much lately, still I have had a few conversations with the ‘A Course in Miracles’ version of Jesus. Mainly about how I don’t agree with this or that.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘A Course in Miracles’ has some beautiful passages. I have read far more radical viewpoints and decided to respect the viewpoint and just not take it as my own.

Am I writing from my Ego? I never can tell. It is quiet here and I dream of the coffee shops I will sit in and the concerts I will attend. I still remember the comfort of listening to an audiobook while in a crowded coffee shop. When you have one of the most comfortable seats and your artwork is hanging on the wall.

I have attended one concert in my life, a few orchestras, operas and plays. My second concert was going to be in Chicago this June. It is postponed. Yet, this is hardly a happy note. I am doing quite well. I thought I would update. Thank you.

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