From Autumn to Winter Wonderland

This was just about two weeks ago. Peak color autumn leaves and warm sunshine! Only old man winter arrived early this year making the leaves drop quickly and just a few days ago we greeted our first snowfall.

What a difference two weeks can make. And I am still hoping it will warm-up before the official start of winter because of the drop in temperature being so sudden that my body was not prepared.

I know we cannot go back to this…

Because the beautiful red leaves are now on the ground under the snow. So far this cold has had a typical reaction from me. In that, I opted not to go out and put on my warm leopard pajamas. My plan this winter is to keep a reasonable temperature indoors… which means I need to do some internet research on the best thermostat setting for Michigan winters.

I will be visiting California over the Holidays again. Even if it looks like Ann Arbor has ever-increasing amounts of bubble tea to tempt me.

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