Speaking up: Black Lives Matter

While I am very much a spirit in a human body, I am also a human in a human body. I have been thinking about the Black Lives Matter protests that are erupting across the country. The posts on Instagram that say, “White people do something.”

That sign makes me ponder, What can I do about this. Is there something in my power that I can accomplish? I am not an active protestor, my artwork is not political or based on anything other than what I feel like drawing. I do not know how to capture my thoughts as well in artwork as well as writing.

How does a person get to the root of a problem that reaches so far back into history where people have tried to pull this weed, but it grows back with a deeper root?

Throughout American history the response to the ugly weed of racism has been to protest and some have been quite effective. Yet, perhaps Grass Roots movements have been more effective.

The re-educating of generations to be more accepting of differences has perhaps played a big role in ushering in changes. Things that were once politically charged issues have become commonplace such as interracial marriage.

Indeed I as a woman am able to vote. So some political movements have been effective in their protest. While issues remain under the surface much has changed over time.

I need to think about this topic and stop avoiding it. What can I do? What am I called to do? Should I consider creating artwork of a political nature again. It has been so long.

How would one protest and be heard without falling into the traps of duality that divide this nation. For example if you make artwork about president Trump you have lost the audience of all those who believe in Trump. Who are oftentimes the people whose attention the Black Lives Matters movement does not have.

I did not vote for Trump and vote Democrat despite being aware of the talking on Fox News and underground conspiracy theories. When Trump became president I was very afraid and started researching more into his political base.

I was afraid, but when I channeled (channeling not posted online) I was told too look deeper and not be afraid of Trump as president. So I went down another rabbit hole on the Internet and as a result I sometimes questioned if voting Democratic was the right choice.

I personally have become an Independent who votes Democrat because there appear to be only two choices every election. My reasoning is that, when you take out paranoia about Deep States/Etc, overall the Democratic platform is more to my belief system.

I choose to vote not because I am in fear of something, but that I stand for something. My Mother votes on one topic alone abortion , and I have addressed that topic in the past in the post ‘the bird that has forgotten how to fly.’

I have a tendency to project the responsibilities outward, attempting to change others instead of looking at what I can personally do. I am trying to write more inwardly now. Before I asked, “Are You the Hero?” Now perhaps it is time for me to stop being a Non-playing Character who attempts to change others because I do not understand my own power.

This blog post ended up being an update to the “Are You the Hero?” post. A continuation where I sometimes argue the opposite of what I said before with the same topic of getting to the root of the problem. I started to turn inward in that post, but I still do not have the answers.

When lost in despair remember the power of Sam Cookie in the song, “A Change is Gonna Come.” He came to a sad ending, but I think he would prefer the focus be on his life and not end.


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