Day 2 – Intermittent

With my tendency to obsess over one thing at a time, I have jumped into Intermittent Fasting videos more for entertainment than need for knowledge. The concept of Intermittent Fasting seems simple enough, but extra knowledge never hurts.

Right now I am up as early as my body would allow, not quite with the sun today. I have a light box which I use this time of year when I get up early enough to give me time to sit in front of it.

I am also reading, ‘The Book of Ch’i’ and I have many other books I need to read. I am attempting to jump into a healthier lifestyle. I did get the Masters Reiki attunement on my birthday this month, it is said to be life changing. So far the attunement is giving me the motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

I am more in the absorbing mode than the energy healing mode at the moment, however. The final attunement is to make me more efficient at healing when the need arises. It takes 28 days for the attunement to be absorbed into the system. After that continued use over time will keep me fine tuned.

Anyway, good morning! 🌞 Life changes one day at a time even when everyday feels like a mirror reflection of the week prior.

Categories: Beginnings

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