Second guessing my writing


Normally when I am hit by inspiration to write, there is a flow. I start talking about topics with a certain feeling of certainty. It is thoughts coming out on paper. During my last post I had to stop a few times and ask myself if I had the authority to write this. Was I writing it right? Would it really be helpful?

I think this is a good video for how I feel about the last post.

For the person who has over analyzed their thinking to the point they created a prison for their thoughts, the concept that there is no such thing as a negative thought can be liberating. Others will read my struggle to convey an idea in the last post, and easily dismiss it.

There really is no right or wrong teaching. As for ascension symptoms perhaps it is easier to think that a symptom is for the sake of ascension then to think it is for no reason. I was sleeping 16 hours a day for a longer time no matter which medication I changed. I had no reason for why I slept so long, but the idea that perhaps I was doing important work in the spirit world at this time comforted me as my life seemed trapped within only a few hours a day.

It is also better to think that you are ill because you are transmuting negativity from the human field then to have no reason.

Yet there is a point where both of these can become less then ideal. Once you start using your minds power to give yourself more symptoms because you are so passionate about transmuting negativity or reaching ascension.

So I understand that everything I wrote in the last post, could be either a positive idea for you, or painful to think of. This is where your power of discernment comes into play. Discernment isn’t really about what is true or untrue, but what will help your evolution or harm it. There is not much I write of that I am sure of. I write to get my brain moving, to think of new ideas. Hopefully reading it will give you new ideas.

I enjoy when the inspiration to write comes, that I suddenly start sounding like a guru. These moments are rare, but suddenly I feel the power to put away my usual persona. Normally I allow myself to doubt. Normally, I cannot speak so officially like there is no other truth. I pride myself on walking the path of the common woman. I seek out gurus who warm my heart with knowledge. When suddenly I feel called to be the guru, the master, the teacher, it comes in a flash of emotion. An idea actives an emotion, and I must write it.

During the last post, that emotion came, but I second guessed it. For the emotion was weaker then normal. I did not convey the feeling into words correctly.

I went to revert the post to draft, soon after posting it. Yet, the revert button had stopped working. So I take that as a sign, and kept up the post. I am sorry if it makes you worry. If it does not serve you, dismiss it. Someone needs to hear it, or the revert button would have worked.

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