The Student in Me: Conversation


At times I feel like a student, even without official schooling. In the Angel Academies, I am being healed listening to the healing of others, but I am also learning how to talk with others when they are speaking of their deepest troubles. I find it amazing how many issues Matt Kahn is able to resolve. I do not have the same level of Intuitive Abilities as Matt Kahn, but I can learn from the level of respect/care he offers people.

I do have an unconscious Intuitive Ability of my own. Oftentimes I am able to find a deep common ground, just by effortlessly letting myself talk. Repeatedly, I will randomly start talking about the very thing I have in common with the stranger I have never meet before.

Whether it be that I put too much lemon in my lemonade and too little sugar when that person’s Aunt did the exact same. Or perhaps, I start talking about how my sister needs to avoid wheat due to lime disease, and that person’s Mother is having trouble for the same reason. I will start talking about Tea with strangers who also have a Love for tea, with no visible/audible indication that they like Tea.

No voice or sign will direct me, I just follow my heart and end up having many good conversations with people I don’t know. This enables me to get along with a variety of people effortlessly.

I enjoy talking to people. When I was young, I could only listen. Then I went through a phase where I mainly talked. Yet, I think I am reaching more a balance now.

Listening to Matt Kahn has taught me how to talk to people in a more balanced way. He recommends mainly listening, but, as someone who mainly listened as a child, I have already learned the limitations of that.

In conversations, the focus should not be on any sort of Ego. Conversations are a way for people to find balance in the sending and receiving of Love. I think for someone who only talks, taking the time to listen is a step forward, while someone who only listens should move towards talking.

When looking at life, the motivating example is the natural effortless breath. I know I talked about this last post, but the breath is the Ideal of Balance. A good conversation needs to be like the breath. Just as sending Love to oneself versus Love to others needs to be as balanced as the Breath.

There are two modes of teaching about Love that I have run into. The first is ‘The Law of One’ teaching, where the Souls Journey is divided into ‘Service to Self’ or ‘Service to Others.’ A positive being ascends to the next level when they are a certain percentage of ‘Service to Others,’ or ‘Service to Self.’ The ‘Service to Self’ individual will only be able to reach a certain level before they start dissolving. While the ‘Service to Others’ individual needs to reach 100% ‘Service to Others’ to graduate.

Another mode of teaching is telling the individual that they need to Love themselves first before they can Love another. Telling them to have enough Self Love so as to be able to say, ‘No,’ to an individual.

You see in there is a certain lapse of judgement in how most people come to see the Soul’s Journey after reading ‘The Law of One.’ The picture ‘Service to Self,’ as only being the darkest nastiest Souls. Souls that will do horrible things to serve themselves in gaining power. Yet, if you do not have enough Self Love, you are easily taken advantage of. The idea of being 100% Service to Others, does not seem like the real goal towards graduation.

Taking the breath as the example, how will you live if you only breathe out. The goal towards graduation is finding enough balance so you can have a quality Conversation. You don’t spend the whole time listening, and you don’t spend the whole time talking. It should flow as effortlessly as breathing.

So Lightworkers, it is time to stop striving and overthinking. You are naturally designed to have quality conversations. You are naturally designed to find the balance between Self Love and Love of others. The effortlessness of the breath should be the effortlessness you emulate in expressing yourself. Just as Fear often interrupts the flow of the breath, you need to overcome the Fear of Expression.

Yet, even overcoming Fear does not need to be overthought. All the things you need to learn, your life will direct you towards. Some, therefore recommend that you follow your joy, because if you don’t have to worry about getting things right, you might as well be enjoying the ride.

So when you get into a conversation, the best way to have a natural one, is to follow your joy. Enjoy the act of expression, and enjoy the act of learning that comes from listening.

Well, I am going to turn off my Wise Woman mode now. I return to being the Student. When I said I like to study Reality, long ago. What I really like to do is try to understand another person’s Reality. I have been able to study David Wilcock’s Reality quite a bit. I have studied Matt Kahn’s Reality. I have studied Bentinho Massaro’s Reality. I have studied Bashar’s Reality. I have studied Kryon’s Reality. I have studied Doreen Virtue’s Reality. I have studied many Bloggers’ Realities.

When a person writes a book, in a blog, or in a television show. The result is a time capsule of that person’s reality at the given time. I have stopped wasting the time debating which Reality is right. Each of these Realities is right to that Individual.

I have learned a little bit from each Reality I have viewed. As for my own reality, you can get a feel for what it currently looks like by reading this post.

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