The Matrix

Once I was pondering the matrix concept and decided to assume that we are indeed in a matrix. One very important point stood out to me that the movie, ‘The Matrix,’ was viewed within a matrix. This means that the matrix wants to be known, it is hardly some esoteric secret. Kind of like the movie ‘The Secret’ proves that knowledge isn’t really a secret or it wouldn’t be a mainstream movie.

In the past I was into conspiracy theories, which the movie, ‘The Matrix,’ appears to be a writing on one and is often cited. What stood out is that this hidden information is readily on the internet for anyone to research. By the logic of the theories I was hearing this knowledge should be more than a few internet clicks away.

What ‘The Matrix’ doesn’t excel in is the concept of multiple realities and how we create our own reality based off of belief systems. So I do not debate if a conspiracy is true for another. I try to create a belief system that is beneficial to what I feel I need to believe in order to survive in the world.

All truths are true, even when they are contradictory to each other. Contradiction does not defy logic because reality is complex and multidimensional. The truth one person holds can contradict another person’s truth. If these truths are core to each person they will fight over who is right and wrong.

There are actually very few villains who would consciously call themselves a villain. They’d call themselves a hero and believe it to the core of their being. As a child I wanted to write a book where the true villain was miscommunication and misunderstanding. Each side was equally sure they were right in the plot.

My childhood self had a feeling that there really was no villain in most of the wars of humanity. Perhaps there was delusion and a good bit of hate. People did villainous things, but they did it thinking they were the hero.

I think there is indeed something to be pondered in the fact that if there is a matrix system, ‘The Matrix’ is allowed to be viewed and promoted widely within that matrix.

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