As much as you breathe out, you should equally breathe in.


This post is inspired by the latest Angel Academy. In it, Julie Dittmar said something along the lines of “Breathe in Love for yourself. Breathe Out Love for others.” This is not exact as she was instructing listeners to breathe in and out.

Yet, it got me to think about the natural flow of breath. To take in and give out air without thought, and always in an equal quantity. Yet, it is not so with how we are taught to handle Love. Either a person is taught to give out their Love and never breathe in. Or they are told to fill up with Love for themselves first before giving out Love to others.

Yet, Love is meant to be as natural and thoughtless an effort as breath. At times you will feel called to send Love to yourself, and at other times you will feel the need to send Love to others. When you feel the need to send Love to others, do you have to stop and analyze? Do you have to question if it is right to send others blessings, or are they supposed to stand on their own two feet?

When you need to breath out, do you analyze the process first? You feel naturally called to do such.

I understand that as a whole, we tend to spend more time Loving others than we spend Loving ourselves, but what if the collective has been in the process of an exhale? Should not the turn towards Loving oneself be as effortless as the need to breathe in?

Sending Love to oneself does not have to be in word only. It can be the process of taking a long walk or taking the time to brush one’s teeth. The Act of Eating is an act of Love for the Self. So is the Act of Sleeping. Sending Love to oneself tends to happen in the introverted aspects of yourself. Do you realize that when you get up in the morning and put on socks, or when you sit down to a game/movie you enjoy, these are Love Letters to yourself?

Just as we tend to be able to express Love to others in more ways than just word. The play of Love is woven through every step of life.

Yet, if Love were a food where you either breathed in or out Love. Like Eating or Exercising. Would it not make sense that everyone would need different levels of these things. Every Soul has its unique taste buds and endurance levels.

Food is Matter and Matter is Love. Exercise is Movement, and Movement is Light. Not sure how to explain this, but the Universe was said to be made of Love/Light (Law of One and even Bentinho said the same). Light is Love in motion. Just like Movement is Matter in motion.

I am going to trail off here. This post was going well until I started a new metaphor with Food. I wrote it; I post it.

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