Return to the Back-Drop People


I am starting this post with a big breath in. I just watched, Deconstructive Power of the Truth with Neil Kramer, on OpenMinds. If you happen to be a member you can watch it too. Something about it rang very deeply.

It reminded me in part of when I first ran into Dolores Cannon, she was talking about Back-Drop People. I reacted against the idea at the time. It made me question Dolores before I knew a majority of her teachings.

Apparently, the Gnostics and Hermetics had a similar belief, and some had the number of ‘non-back-drop people’ in the world being only 144,000.

Imagine with all the people in the world, only 144,000 being considered ‘enspirited.’ With a great part of the people being still part of the Human Group Soul.

Neil also seems to have a view of Polarity similar to Bashar. Bashar sees us as being in the middle of two extremes, the balancing point of the positive and negative. This creates a Trinity where you can witness the positive and negative in the world and choose which you prefer.

Now I seem very positive most of the time, yet I am a very dynamic person. With me going around sending blessings and “I Love You’s,” many might misconstrue that I am an Earth Angel.

No, I am just someone who has faced their shadow freely, and learned to not judge it. I do not let my shadow handle the wheel, so I seem to be leaning toward the positive polarity in the extreme. The energy I put action behind, is the positive side of me, but as they say, ‘the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.’

I know in Past Lives, I have taken part in the dark side. Perhaps I am here now to balance that old Karma by sending “I Love You’s” out. Perhaps due to my past lives in negativity, it is easier for me to forgive the cabal (or whatever you call the dark side). I know from experience that the dark and twisted can transform into the Angelic.

The Law of One sets up a very Dualistic Universe. The more I read it, the more my Fears of the Negative seem to return. Yet, I prefer to stand in a spot of Invincibility. My Soul is Eternal and ever Healing.

The Negative can do nothing more then offer me unique experiences, some which would be easy to judge as bad. Yet, based on the fact I grow from every experience, all I need to do is Heal my viewpoint of the experience and I am Healed.

In the past, I have struggled with that dark shadow inside of me, and that knowledge that in Past Lives, I was hardly Sunshine and Roses. Yet, the point of life is not to struggle. I don’t think it is possible to be 100% positive.

The Law of One seems to set things up like the Universe is designed to make you 100% positive or 100% negative. After watching Neil Kramer, I find it more easy to step back and say, “Really Now?”

Anything, and Everything I read, potentially could be true. It is certainly true to the person who writes it. Yet, instead of collecting answers and pretending I an a guru, I could say, “I know as much as you.” Which in the end is a very basic sense of being. That is what overrides everything, throughout everything I now, there has always been being.

Except that moment when I found myself in the Void, with no sense of anything. Yet, without anything there was no time, and I came back to myself.

Anyway, I was saying everything I write about is dressing on a cake. Only the cake isn’t any more solid in sureness of being then anything else.

This looks like words on a screen, but is it really? Am I talking to you at all, or is the voice you hear inside you looking at these scribbles, you think as words, making up the meaning I am saying.

I do not have to accurately convey this thought to you. For I cannot, it is mixed with the level of energy I feel at the moment, the coolness of the room, the burn on the top of my mouth, the ringing in my ears, and the list goes on and on.

On a side note, what I think I am writing and the re-reading of the writing are often different. The words I thought I wrote sometimes change to other words completely. It has been happening a lot lately, like the program is malfunctioning.

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