The Rosary

I have been listening to the rosary and reflecting. I know I often write New Age material, but my upbringing is that of a Catholic. I have a need to come to an understanding of what I have been taught as a child and what my guidance tells me.

The words of the Hail Mary are:
Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of death.

As a child I sometimes misheard the words as ‘our sinners’ which in my young mind still included me. Sometimes I still think someone as misread the words.

Yet, to think of the prayer, it includes a since of oneness with the use of the word ‘us.’ I have not had the mystical experience of feeling the oneness of all creation, but the very us of the words, ‘we’ or ‘us’ can invoke a since of unity.

In a world that seems increasingly magical, a higher power becomes more important. For magic is wonderful until someone uses a curse. Magic in the hands of humanity, something that could be a gift can easily become something that one needs protection from. My own power is only as powerful as I believe I can be. I do have a power, but it is a comfort that there is something more powerful that can protect me from my own misguidance and the misguidance of others.

I try my best to put on the robe of a Master of Life, but all too often I am reminded of my humanity. I am in many ways still a child. All be it the more a blessing that there is something more powerful than humanity. All these children playing together and making a mess of the playground.

The higher power did not clean up the playground for us this time. This parent is waiting for its children to clean how to clean up its own messes. Yet, this parent can step in and protect. In life there will be times when you enter heaven on Earth and other times when you enter hell on Earth. One is to rest and grow in joy and the other is to learn and reflect.

As someone who has suffered from mental illness at times the paranoid thought in my mind become so strong. I need to detach and meditate knowing that these thoughts will disappear in time, just as have all the thoughts that enter my mind. I am a firm believer in the opposite of paranoia, the belief that the Universe works in your favor. This grand Universe is conspiracy to help me, not hurt me.

When the paranoia gets rough my guidance tells me, “If you are ever in a position that is more than you can handle, you are designed to die. We will take you out of it, clear it up and because your work on Earth is not done you will return with no memory of death, or the time in the afterlife.”

My real job on Earth is to be a channel for Love/Light (God) energy into realms that are greatly in need of some sunshine. I do not channel with words, but by my being I choose to offer Love to that which is around me. Consciousness is not detached from Love. Even the ‘One’ experiencing the feeling of Love is not detached from Love. The very act of ‘being’ is an act of Love.

Many New Agers will remember the experiment where have three closed jars of rice in water. You hold one and give it Love. You hold another and send it hate. The third you do not touch. I have never done the experiment, but it is said that the jar given Love lasts the longest before going bad. The one given hate lasts longer than the one that gets no attention at all.

So if you think of Love like it is air. Even contaminated by the pollution of hate there is still Consciousness and therefore a little Love in the polluted air of hate. The need for a little Conscious attention is as important to creation and other beings as air. There are beings that will act in cruel ways for just a little bit of Conscious attention from another. On Social Media you can see the effects of the drive for attention as a little bit of Consciousness in the form of a like.

I consider myself a point of Consciousness who through the simple act of giving something my attention can offer Love/Light (God) energy into the world. I have been gifted with the ability to refill dry wells. As a metaphor, my roommate was not sure how to refill my Berkey filter system without it overfilling. So she simply used the water and never refilled the well. Almost every time I went to use the well it was empty and I thought to myself how easy it was to use a Berkey gravity filler system. Why didn’t she refill the well? Then thought of Jesus offering the women at the well a drink from the fountain where you would never be thirsty again.

For some reason, I have been taught the simple ability to refill my well in a world of thirsty people who were never taught the same, or for some reason feel unable to do so. This is my power. This ability is a gift from God to be shared. I tried to explain to my roommate how to refill the Berkey system. She still was afraid. Yet, the metaphor continues. My roommate used up all the water and never refilled it so every time I attempted to there was nothing to drink. I started forgetting to refill the well.

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