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Altar of Joy Challenge

I was listening to Kryon last night, as he went in depth into Numerology. In short, I was worried about the future and looking for comfort. This year 2016 in Numerology adds up to 9 which is endings. Many things this year have added up to 9’s. Next year […]

A time for prayer…

I have not created art in a while. So I attempted to post with no image, but saw that those were overlooked. So I am going back to posting old images. Here you can see two of the statues I collected for an alter. I think they are […]

What I am drinking

This is based on this recipe, variations I have made. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie First off, my Blender is missing a key part, that will be delivered any day now. So I had to take this recipe and modify it. So to make this recipe without a Blender. Take […]