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We often throw words around without much thought. We think of ‘Creative’ as a trait, but in actuality, it is an action. The act of Creating. Humans have been creating for a long time. Being Creative and be as Artsy as Fine Art or as useful as building […]

EPIC Trip Planning

I have this habit of putting a ticket into the lottery and later going home and thinking about all the things I would do if money were infinitely in Abundance. One habit of mine is to look up the cruises coming up on different cruise lines, but at […]

Brad Johnson: Reality Whisperer

I had a question inside me about if I should turn my manifestation power towards manifesting the Night Shift Position that had opened up at my workplace. A single question with layers of detail, that I wanted another’s opinion on. I knew my Mothers opinion which was that […]

Headed Home?

The Boiler in my Apartment has been wavering between working and repair. So even if I was back in Ann Arbor yesterday, I was forced to sleep in a Hotel for warmth. The Apartment Complex agreed to cover the cost of a Hotel. New Years Day, I packed […]