Ask and it is given: Without effort

A person can spend hours leading to days leading to weeks searching on a topic. They can attempt to follow their dream at the wrong time and hit a wall. Yet, when the moment is right the answer falls into your lap sometimes long after you have given up.

The answer that fell into my lap happened when my sister was listening to a book. The book mentioned a pilot study where EMDR had been used to treat different kinds of psychosis and in many cases much worse than I ever faced. Some of these individuals, after treatment with this therapy, were able to go off medication.

So I spent hours/days/weeks trying to balance my thyroid perfectly, hoping that with a balanced thyroid my psychosis would be gone even without medication. After discovering the real issue with my thyroid and balancing it, I went to my psychiatrist, who refused to let me decrease medication because cases where thyroid imbalance caused psychosis were rare.

Yet, studies are being conducted even today, about using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitizations and Reprocessing) for treating illnesses like mine. When I least was expecting it, when I was just focusing on becoming healthy in my diet, an answer fell into my lap.

Now I know very little about EMDR. Yet, there are a number professionals offering it in the area. I do not expect my psychiatrist to change his mind without looking into the studies. I do expect that the process of going through the therapy will take time.

Honestly, I am hoping that a study will open up in the area on EMDR. So that at the very least I get the treatment for free. I have taken part in a number of studies over the years and just tomorrow I am going to be finishing up another. I will ask if the person doing the study knows anyone looking for subjects in an EMDR study on patients with psychosis.

Otherwise, I have already called a therapist and sent over the resources I found on the topic for their review. They had not heard of the study and I think they will be researching it in their free time to see if they are willing to take me on as a patient.

Now I am in waiting mode. I will not push the topic but will put seeds into the ground as the chance arises. I think it is important to focus on treatment first. Sometimes it is best to take things one step at a time.

I learned this from watching my Nephew who always thinks 10 steps ahead. He will get upset that he does not get the results of 10 steps ahead without taking step one. He will cry and get very upset trying to get to step 10 right away.

I too think 10 steps ahead on many topics. I will look at step 9 or 8 and see where something might go wrong. So I do not take step one when I was just assuming that at another step there would be a problem and had not witnessed it.

So I will focus on one step at a time. Step one is action. Step 10 is the final result.

I have learned a bit about not overdoing Step One as well. Action is an art. If done correctly, less effort is needed. If done too much, you cut off air to the flame you created.

This is where we can all learn from the wisdom of the gardener, who only acts when they see action is needed. They plant the seed, and could easily spend the time it needs to grow worrying about weeds. Yet the worry about weeds does not keep them from growing. Perhaps there will be no weeds, but you cannot pull a weed or know where it will grow until it is able to be actually seen.

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