Two contradictory viewpoints

If you have been following my blog for an extended amount of time, you will have seen me go through phases and take on many viewpoints. Today while browsing the viewpoints made a question surface in my mind. I have dealt with this question many times silently.

Viewpoint 1: The Universe is filled with duality. People will use different terms to represent this duality, such as in the conspiracy group the shadow government/deep state vs the alliance/good guys. In biblical terms, it would be the battle between the angels of light and the fallen angels… or God vs the Devil.

Throughout our culture, the battling duality arrises and people speak of things like entities or negative spirits. I am sure you have run into many of the various manifestations of this viewpoint being transformed into reality. I completely forgot to add in the good aliens vs bad aliens.

Viewpoint 2: ‘Everything is here to help you’ which is consequently the title of a book being written by Matt Kahn. Yet, actually it a good summary of a viewpoint I hold based on studies of Near Death Experiences.

In this viewpoint, I can picture the Earth being a Matrix-style invention of spirits on the spirit world. Around you, you will be presented with the manifestations that make Viewpoint 1 so abundant and popular. Duality is purposely written into the Matrix of Earth.

Viewpoint 2 does not mean that viewpoint 1 is wrong. Viewpoint 2 just takes into account the spiritual aspects of the world outside of the Matrix. Now those who believe in the positive vs negative duality also believe that those who teach ‘everything is here to help you’ are dangerous. If there are negative spirits or shadow governments you have to protect yourself with light shields and guns. So those who teach ‘no fear’ are leading others into the way of harm.

Now I can do nothing to prove or disprove which viewpoint is right. Each individual is the creator of their reality so their viewpoints will influence their reality. In short, they are both right paths. Do not, however, assume one path more enlightened.

I have been drawn back into observing the ‘conspiracy theory’ world. I have been considering this reality. Something does appear to be happening right now, even if you don’t observe that world. Granted, I have been trying to get to bed at 10pm and not managing to sleep until after 11pm. I need to fix my schedule. Considering it is 10:08PM, I have run out of time to spend writing up this idea. I want to finish the show that inspired this post on and be in bed by 11pm at least.

So I will fail to tie together the loose ends of this posting. I was just capturing this pondering from these two very prevalent viewpoints.

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