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Centering Prayer

While I am someone steeped in New Age Mentality to the point I regularly follow many channelers and am known to pull out the Tarot Cards. Something is telling me it is time to go back to my roots, my base of Catholicism. In short, it is time […]

Dream: The Hierophant

In this dream, I was once again in a Catholic School like the one I grew up in only this was a stricter Catholic School. Fellow Blogger Persephone Rose and myself were taken to see a Popelike figure. Apparently, word had gotten around that we were using Tarot Cards. This Hierophant […]

Appreciating What I Have…

This is just the beginning of my collection of Oracle cards and Tarot Cards. While I have given away many of my crystals, I have only given away 3 decks of my Oracle cards. A Doreen Virtue Faerie themed deck, the Angel Prayers deck by Kyle Gray and a Tarot […]

Another cold :(

I have to say that the weather is wonderful today, yet perhaps slightly too chill to walk when you already have a cold. Tomorrow will be even warmer and I hope I will have recovered enough to enjoy it after work. Michigan weather is by nature unpredictable. Quick […]