Reporting in on the 27th

I said I would step in to report my signs…

I won an item on Ebay, but due to another user asking for their bid to be canceled the seller canceled the whole transaction… as a result of the confusion I was given the same item for $5 less.

While listening to ‘E-Squared’ by Pam Grout the author started talking about requesting ‘Sunset Beige cars’ as a sign… just as an example. I was walking down a busy road at the time and started looking for ‘Sunset Beige Cars’ all the while not sure what ‘Sunset Beige’ looked like. I concluded that two cars looked ‘Sunset Beige.’. When I looked at them closer I saw they were gray, but the light of the sunset was bouncing off the shiny surface making them look beige. So I found cars that were Beige due to the Sunset so obviously ‘Sunset Beige.’

Also while listening to more ‘E-Squared’ yesterday I asked the Universe to give me a sign about my roommate situation within 48 hours. I am now past the roommate stage and into the approval stage for if I can continue to live here. Also, someone finally emailed me back saying they were still interested and would tell me within a week. I decided not to tell them that I was in the process of getting someone approved just in case the approval does not go through.

I also dug up some negative beliefs and wrote them out. I feel that writing through an emotion is even more releasing than crying. Yet, I am sure there are some emotions that require a bit of wailing… when really horrible things happen, I am unsure if I would be collected enough to just write it out.

Anyway, I need to manifest a new sofa. I think it is about time for a new sofa. The Universe gave me a big sign that my current sofa was not in alignment with Michigan weather and wanted to move to California around August.

So this is a challenge for me. Can I manifest a comfortable fashionable sofa to arrive just as the old one packs its pillows and moves away? I am also in need of a dreamlike comfortable bed with a frame to hold it.

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