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Red Flower
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Seems my focus is lost right now. My base activities of getting lost in the web, are drowning with talk of the election. Talk of riots. Talk of Conspiracy Theories. Everywhere seems to be on overdrive. Sigh. Is this tension I feel my own, or that of the […]


Oh, it is one of those times when I cannot even think of a title. It is a quiet morning, the light is the softer Fall glow, that though I think there is no mist, has a dulling effect on the outline of buildings. It would be time […]

Sweet Potatoes…

Last… Sunday I baked a Sweet Potato Casserole and came across a number of missing ingredients. I wanted to use Real Butter but having only fake butter or Ghee. I used Ghee. (I had bought the Ghee out of curiosity to see if it was actually any better tasting […]

Trick or Treat?

Halloween draws closer. After Halloween only weeks later is the event everyone has been worrying about all year. Election Day… which I do not want to talk about. As it turns out my solution of Writing in Sanders will not work. As he never registered as a Write […]

Return to Base

After taking the flight to Newark, NJ, I spent the day at my sisters house the day before the cruise. I was in the process of transferring photos to make room for more photos. I was trying a trial of Amazon Prime, so decided to take advantage of their […]