I channeled thusly…

My vacation from Deep Pondering lasted maybe a day and now I am listening to the ‘Conversations with God’ series on audiobook. Just recently a fourth book was released for that Trilogy making it a Tetralogy. A word so uncommonly used that the computer thinks is a misspelling.

Let me start from this point forward, having deleted my past three paragraphs. I had to get the small talk out of me before I could focus. I attempt to channel now.

I channel now. Circle of light I cast around thee. Keep out those of ill intent and connect me to such beings as the Spirit Guides, Guides, God, Angels, Higher Self, and all such good beings. I cast this circle of protection not because there is anything I need protection from, but that I need greater reason to have faith in what I am writing. Perhaps a Prayer will put me in the correct state to channel higher beings. I talk less now, and listen.

‘What are you listening to hear? What is your question?’

This message is for Public viewing, so I will shy away from personal inquires. There is much I need to ask that I will not ask here. So instead I ask about ‘Conversations with God’ namely what the second book says about Bill Clinton fighting the rich and powerful to set up institutions that help the common man and that he would be taken down somehow for doing this. I would like to compare this to what the alternative media says about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Which is true?

Alright, so we start with a tough question. I will remind you that ‘All That Is’ being ‘All That Is’ both can be true at the same time without contradicting each other. In one reality the Clinton’s are being attacked by the powerful institutions by spreading rumors on the Internet to turn the people against them so that they cannot improve the lives of the common man at the supposed cost to the rich. In reality two, the Clinton’s are corrupt and connected with such things as Pizzagate, etc.

You decide which reality is right for you.

Yet that is a cop-out saying that there are alternate realities where both exist. What reality do the Clinton’s themselves reside in?

A great deal of reality only exists in the realm of the mind. A great deal of what you believe to be reality is told to you by others and you decide which reality to adopt and it becomes yours. Day to day function continues regardless of which reality unless you pick a reality that does not allow you to continue functioning in everyday life.

A great deal of what you know you do not know by experience. Even if I told you which reality to live in, I would just be another person putting their view of what is real onto you. Ultimately, it makes no difference. I cannot tell your reality, you must decide it for yourself. Look at the evidence around you.

To the people who believe Clinton is corrupt, that is very very much their reality. To those who believe that these people are being misguided against their own interest, that is very very much their reality.

I ask you, what evidence is showing in your life?

Other people are very upset around me about politics in general. If my siblings were not upset my parents would have been instead. The news continues to be the news. False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR)

Does one reality benefit you more than the other?

I would like to believe that politics in general are not as corrupt as others are saying.

They are also not as powerful as you believe. The Internet has become a Warground of competing views clashing against each other. Each view trying to win people over to their side. Each view trying to get others to join their reality.

To shape the reality of another is were manipulation and false power lie. Now I have many friends who agree that less Internet time is needed. Virtual realities are being created and the visual reality of trees and plants is being forgotten. Right now before your eyes is a reality you trust much more than the writings of another, channeled from one being or another.

This in front of you, is the reality of your experience. I see a lack of corruption. Do you want to get a Flashlight and find Dark Corners where bugs might be living? Perhaps under some of these bookshelves are mice? Yet, unless you go looking for the bugs and mice the reality seems very clean and quiet. A gentle ringing of the bell towers. The evidence of others siting in front of computers contently.

Yet if there are bugs in the books they could destroy the entire collection.

When you see a Sliverfish in a book, you deal with it than. Yet, it has been years, many years since you have found a bug in a book. What I am saying is that there will always be bugs in mice in the shadows, but the vast majority of what you see is bright and light. The bugs do not hurt you as you are now. They know better then to come out and attack.

This is all very nice and all, but the bugs and mice of Government Corrupt the system.

So says the News and Internet, but have you seen this corrupted system.

I have seen the run down old buildings of many downtowns in Michigan, I have seen the cost of renting an apartment someone nice.

So you blame this on the Government or Economy? You are presented with this evidence and you have no idea why it is occurring so you blame these two things?

I remember when I was volunteering as an art teacher in Detroit seeing a child with teeth so uncured for that his teeth were green at such a young age, other children had huge heads from their Mothers drinking too much alcohol while they were in the womb.

At least we are dealing with evidence and not hearsay now. So these are things you have witnessed. What are you going to do about it?

I don’t know what to do about it. I feel powerless to change it.

I ask you, are run down buildings and children with green teeth a bad thing.



A run down building shows loss of prosperity were their was once some.

It shows changes in the structural system of your society, yet that does not mean that a society that ships in products from is worse than a society that buys everything locally. The greater evidence of something being wrong without opinion is the child with green teeth for you know a bit more about teeth than you do system changes. Yet that is also many years in the past and many years distant from you being able to take action. If you were motivated to take action in a the pursuit of insuring that no child has green teeth, this could be something to base a life on. Yet, as you feel powerless to action the first thing to do would is to learn your power.

So I ask you, how can you feel powerful enough to change the world around you?

Donating money on Kiva.

So you see a problem, you donate money to help those who are feeling powerful enough to change the structural system of society for the better and we get back to the question. Based on the evidence you see in front of you, this moment, and not based on past memories, is there anything wrong.

Can I go into the worries about my own future?

The future is not set in stone. You can prepare as best you like, but to many things are in flex to hold the future into consideration of the present moment. Is there anything wrong in this moment.

I am thirsty.

Than it is a good thing you came prepared with liquid to drink. Are you in any sort of pain?

No. Nor am I the wrong temperature or tried. My back feels a little stiff.

So the list of things that in your experience need changing in the present moment is that you need to be hydrated and you need to stretch more. So in the reality you live in now there are some simple tasks where you have the power to change these things.

You are totally copying Matt Kahn channeled being the All is Well transmission.

I was helping you understand the teachings better. You seemed to need a step by step personal instruction as they transmission did not stop you from looking at the alternative media or media. You seem to be unable to accept that All Is Well, but perhaps you are a step closer.

So what about the Clintons?

I think Clinton knows how to make some very good Mac and Cheese. Are we taking part in gossip hour about our neighbors now? I would suggest you meet and talk to your neighbors before you will ever discover any juicy gossip.

Did you hear about the kind of flower they are going to plant in their back yard scandalous so flashy as to grow a garden in the colors of an American Flag. I think they are trying to rub in the whole, I was the President thing.

So you are not going to answer me.

I have thus answered you. For no words I could offer you, would you be able to truly accept as real unless you experienced them first hand. So therefore base your life on the evidence you see before you and not the evidence channeled or written by others.



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