Mostly Healthy: Learning as I go

After reading the book ‘Why Women Need Fat,’ I have a few questions that will require further research. While searching for this I came across a book called ‘Get You Fats Straight’ by Sarah Pope. It included helpful information on how to Eat a Higher Fat Diet even if you have had your gallbladder removed, like my Mother.

My Mother is not ready to listen to her daughters and start a high-fat diet. Yet, if she ever does Sarah Pope, I am grateful for your consideration of gallbladder removal.

I am embracing the High Fat Diet more than ever, but part of me questions if the books are completely right. You see I tend to question a lot of science trying to find angles to it that others have not thought about.

Sarah Pope and the authors of ‘Why Women Need Fat’ are strongly against Vegetable Oils. Sarah Pope is even against Canola Oil. Yet, I am wondering if these oils are not completely the main problem. The problem is they are overused in the foods we eat. It is important to have a balanced diet between Omega 6 and Omega 3. Because Americans have an unbalanced diet from too much Omega 6 which is found in high concentrations in Vegetable Oils, they gained too much weight.

Yet, what happens in a diet that is too high in Omega 3 with too little Omega 6?

Today I cooked my picky eater Nephew Mac and Cheese from a box. Looking at the ingredients I found Canola Oil listed. As I have a roommate, I cannot simply throw out all processed food. So I started thinking about the balance aspect.

My plan is to eat few enough calories to lose half a pound each week. I plan to eat Fats and Saturated Fats along with avoiding Vegetable Oils as much as possible. I bought a costly Fish Oil, only to learn in Sarah Pope’s book that perhaps I should have picked Fermented Cod Liver Oil. I also invested in Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides because my research on Wellness Mama said it could help with many things including Autoimmune Disease.

I decreased to only losing half a pound a week based on the calories I eat because I want to trick my hypothalamus or at least work with it. I think that limited of a reduction in calories will keep me from confusing the hypothalamus into thinking that a famine is occurring.

My app GoFitnessPal is contently telling how high in fat or saturated fat a food is. It says your goal is to stay under *#$ Grams of Saturated Fat each day in orange or red letters depending on how close I am to that mark. Little does the App know that I want to go over that mark and the orange/red words are just showing me to eat more of this food.

Today I made Oatmeal with Butter and Half/Half for breakfast. I had my Health Drink for Lunch. My Health Drink ingredients are pictured in this Instagram post.

In America where Vegetable Oils are in everything and where I have to go to special stores to get foods made without it and order especially things without bread. I am wondering how I will find a balance where healthy can be easy. I am, however, now armed with new knowledge. I have yet to go grocery shopping to discover exactly what foods are healthy, not too overpriced and tasty.

I am glad I invested in artisan cheese last time I went grocery shopping. I am also glad I invested in some good oats and better butter. I have yet to find the best source of butter for a good price in my area, but I will be searching.

I need to give the Food Co-op another visit as well. They have the good eggs and milk.

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  1. Dieting is a swirly adventure of confusion because the experts argue with each other and some experts are not even legitimate experts. I believe a nutritrionist (or dietician) on my facebook is very anti dieting and pro intuitive eating. Can’t give you much detail on intuitive eating, but I am sure there are websites you can look at.

    • Yes, remember the pendulum​ diet I tried… had to cut it out because it wouldn’t let me eat Dessert most the time. It was responding to my belief that dessert is bad for you and telling me what I had been trained. It was too strict. Yet, if I tried it with this new knowledge perhaps it would let me eat my favorite Ben and Jerrys. I wonder what the ingredients​ are in that Ice Creme? Perhaps it wanted me to get the costly pasture fed ice cream at the Co-op instead.

      • I believe the nutritionist/dietician friend on my facebook was also against “cheat days” because that implies naughtiness and might lend to disordered eating (along with “diets”). I put “s around the word to indicate its common use instead of the word simply meaning whatever we eat. I believe the idea is to just use common sense when you eat high fat/high carb/high sugar foods. People tend to know it is acceptable to eat a birthday cake over the course of a week and that they probably should not do that every week. Similarly, it probably is not a big deal to have a cup of coffee with sugar every morning if they drink plenty of water throughout the day.

        • Perhaps people should say they are going to have “treat days” instead of “cheat days.”

        • My eldest sister lost 30lb on a High Fat/Low Carb/VERY Low Sugar Diet. It was a lot of work and she is not thinking she is healthy enough even after all her work. So at least I can now trust my instinct to want Whole Milk and Cheese.

          • People’s bodies don’t all process food the same, and a lot of the “holy grail” diets don’t consider that. I don’t know if there is real science to back it up, but there is even a claim that blood type influences what foods help us be at our bests. Of course some people are diabetic, gluten intolerant, have trouble digesting meat, or are lactose intolerant. That all deserves special consideration.

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