“Easy World” vs “Difficult World”

We have all heard Abraham Hicks (likely) and the philosophy of the Easy Button.

Here is the author of ‘Choosing Easy World’ Julia Rogers Hamrick.

Yet what is the contrasting view? The Difficult World as explained by Pat Motau.

For every teaching, there is a contrast. Teal Swan explains it as follows.

For someone who is stuck in worry and fear, going to Easy World is a step up from being paralyzed by stress.
For someone who takes the easy path because they are avoiding life out of worry and fear ‘Difficult World,’ as described in the video, is a step up from avoiding your passion out of limiting beliefs that you cannot do something.

So for some “Easy World” is the correct and right step. It is the world where they can follow joy without worry. Yet some are energized by challenge and difficulty.

You see there are many kinds of Heaven. Emanuel Swedenborg author of ‘Divine Providence’ was one of the first I have heard of coming to this understanding in the 1600’s. On a Gaia show of Open Minds called, ‘A Travelers Guide to the Afterlife with Mark Mirabello,’ it was explained something as follows. A biker who loves loose women and bar fights would not be happy in a heaven where angels sing on clouds worshiping God. (This is not exactly how it was worded in the show, watch the show if you want the exact quote.) A Bikers heaven might look like Hell to another person, but it is where they are happiest at.

So the fundamental question is being asked of us. What kind of World are you happiest in? Does the challenge of difficulty excite you? Does the ease of a long LONG vacation excite you? Does a World of Academia excite you? Etc…

Just as there a different Heavens for different kinds of people. So will the world you end up in be a match to you. It is easier than ever to go into Easy World or Difficult World. In Easy World there is the characteristic of EASE. Things just work, out as if by magic. In ‘Difficult World’ the magic seems to give you consent Struggle. Turn after turn, you will be given a chance to prove yourself stronger than the Struggle.

Here is the secret. One World isn’t better than another. Just as the Bikers Heaven, though it looks like Hell to the Nun, is no worse than the Nun’s Heaven.

The birds of a feather are ever increasingly flocking together. Yet, no flock is superior, just different. Now there will be certain flocks that enjoy thinking they are superior. They will be given all the more evidence that they are the superior flock because they enjoy that thought.

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