Three Fold to the Power of Three


I watched this video based on the inclusion of my favorite Oracle Desk in the screenshot.

Today, I was gifted a bag of many Panera Turkey Sandwiches. Why is this a sign? Not that many weeks ago a homeless man asked me to buy him a Panera Turkey Sandwich. Based on the Rule of Three things return to you three-fold. Well, in this case, Turkey Sandwiches returned to me Three Fold to the Power of Three.

An event had ended that was catered by Panera and there were many leftover sandwiches. So they gave the extras to the person behind the desk (me) when I said I didn’t need that many Sandwiches it was recommended that I leave them in the office fridge.

The sandwiches were in boxes with cookies. Not only that, but more boxes were waiting downstairs if I wanted them with other kinds of sandwiches/salads. While Panera boxes had been left over from catered events before, it had been years since I snagged one. And out of all the kinds of sandwiches to bring upstairs to offer to me, they picked the kind I had bought for a homeless man weeks before.

I did not officially write out my request for a sign but only thought I should write it out.

So I am asking the Universe to give me signs Three to the Power of Three to keep with the Spirit of the first sign. So, in short, I am asking for 27 signs with a time frame of 3 for each of the next 72 hours that pass. So that is 27 days of three signs every three days. Averaging about one sign a day for 27 days. I also ask the Field of Infinite Potentiality to help me identify these signs and help me remember them long enough to write them down.

Not counting today, 3 days from now is the 27th of June a Tuesday. So the official first report of the Field of Infinite Potentiality will be posted on the 27th. I will be keeping my eyes out for signs even bigger than the fact that I forgot to count today in the 3 days and the date I landed on was the 27th when I was looking for 27 signs.

No that could have been just a chance… I need two more (much) bigger signs within 72 hours.


“Well Universe at least I didn’t as for Three Fold to the Power of Three signs each day for Three Fold to the Power of Three Days.” Perhaps that is a level of manifestation for those wanting to go into super drive.

Perhaps I should. I ask for 27 signs every 3 days that pass with 3 of the signs being big enough to write about on my Blog. I ask that you provide me with the time to write about these ‘bigger’ signs on my Blog and the drive to do so.

Why the increase?

Because less than a minute I was drawn to a post someone had found in a search about ‘Dollar Tree Intuition.” I was surprised I did not remember writing about ‘Dollar Tree.‘ It was a reblog from a friend with a comment I wrote saying.

“You have found an Abundance that certain billionaires lack. For some hoard money and possessions never feeling the wealth of what they have. It is often those who can feel the joy of Dollar Tree that can access the true levels of lives Abundance. Shopping in thrift stores taught me a great deal, as there suddenly were things I would have loved as a child, all so cheap. You really mean I can get this green teapot for under $5 and it is 50% off day? (I still have that teapot, it is a good one.) Funny the little things I have held onto throughout the years. I bought that teapot over 10 years ago. It is one of the few things I still have from that long ago.

Last time I was in a semi-thrift store, I got a Columbia Coat that will work wonderfully once the weather is warmer but still cool. It was warm today, but I was sick and watching a sick young one. So I did not get to enjoy the warmth as much as I would have liked.

It was a Semi-thrift store because it was one where they only sell good condition used clothes. A little more costly, but the coat was in the clearance area.”

I knew that being drawn suddenly to this old post about abundance while on the topic of abundance was another sign. If it took the universe less than an hour to come up with two signs and one was uncovered right during the writing of this post and another sign only minutes after… I really had to increase the number.

To increase the synchronicity, I packed that Columbia Coat for my vacation last week in case it got chilly at night.

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