Time to ponder and decide

I just watched Unacknowledged, yet I think there is a deeper truth even more unknown. I think that the Universe is ultimately designed perfectly. It is a Spiritual Universe at its core. Therefore, if the government is designed in such a way there is a deeper unseen reason why.

I think we are coming to a time of change. The Universe is perfectly designed and always will be. Yet, there are different phases to go through in history. We had a slow down of 100 years of progress to give us time to adapt and get ready for this new phase.

I do not know how things will go about and what the history books will end up writing. I just know that there is nothing to worry about. I have kept an eye on the alternative media a bit more than the mainstream media because I find it a bit less depressing. In it, there is often the hope of change. Every time, I look at the news of the mainstream media I end up upset. With the alternative media, if I see a fear based article, I can write it off as misinformation. I have an internal judgment system that knows which alternative media ideas are right for me. My internal judgment system as of late continuously says the MSM is wrong.

Yet, Facebook has kept me in the know enough to know that attacks and terror continue. I am thinking of the New Ager as the stereotype where they simply deny the evidence of anything bad. Just as I know there is a deeper truth than the movie ‘Unacknowledged.’ I know we are looking at attacks and terror on only one side of the picture. We do not see the Souls as they return to the Spirit. We see only the suffering of those left behind.

Yes, God did design everything perfectly and there is nothing to fear. For we are given only a small part of the understanding of the puzzle that is life.

I am not saying what Unacknowledged reveals isn’t true. I am not saying there is no suffering in the world when I say all is divine and perfect. I am fully ready to jump into the next phase of human evolution. We have stalled long enough, have we not?

Perhaps I shall enter the new phase alone with my knowledge that all is perfect. Perhaps the play will continue. Yet, when I hear of concerts being bombed, I will try to see the Souls in Heaven and not the weight of death on my mind.

I am a stabilizer in our society. I offer smiles and joy to people who are deeply upset by either the MSM or the alternative media. For without a little wisdom, both will get you down.

“I want the truth.”

“You can’t handle the truth?”

You think that what you know is something I cannot handle, but in actuality, that truth you hold is not the core truth. You think I cannot handle it because you think that which is hidden is less divine than what is in plain sight.

You think that the person who blew up the bomb at the concert was less divine than those who were blown up. Everything is equally divine. Yet, to understand that you need to pull back the veil of death. Which actually isn’t death at all. You do not need to die to see beyond the veil. The truth to all questions can be found in the way they feel in the heart. The degree of truth a statement holds can be understood and weighed. The truth I cannot handle is not the truth for it does not pass the heart test. Therefore there must be something even deeper.


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