Vacation from Deep Pondering

Do I know how the Universe works? No. I have a fervid insistence the everything is Divine, but no matter how much news or alternative news I watch, I do not think I am getting to the real core of how the Universe is working.

So I am going to relax and just enjoy the ride. Now I know that a lot of people are freaking out about Trump right now, and I also know a lot of alternative news sources that say Trump is with the ‘alliance’ and in fact distracting the American people while a lot of big changes are going on behind the scenes. So Trump is pretty up thinking up moves that draw the attention and wrath of the mainstream media.

I have done much research over the years into the various narratives and I am unwilling to jump on one bandwagon or another. The bandwagon that the MSM offers is too depressing to be able to function as a person when one accepts it. The other narrative, while often more comforting, has moments of extensional crisis where you start wondering if the MSM is right about Trump.

I did not vote for Trump, but now that he is President I need to function in that America. The MSM does nothing to help with this.

So you know what, I am taking a break from it all. In a sense just entering ‘Easy World’ for a while and letting the details come together on their own. I am raising little Magikarp to be big Magikarp who jump in Magikarp Jump. I am (when the stars align) playing Pokemon Go and spending hours hydrating at Starbucks. (Learned that if you get a drink you can get Free Refills of Tea or Coffee if you are a Gold Member.) I get one Venti Unsweetened Iced Tea after another.

Debates about this or that philosophy put aside for a much needed vacation from deep pondering. Now excuse me while I wait for my Ninja (not sure what time of day it will be delivered and hoping it will be delivered before 3pm, or at least not during the time I will be gone and unable to sign.

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  1. While I do believe people should check in on the news from time to time, I don’t believe we need to know everything that we have no control over. The average person needs to be educated when voting time comes around, but the time in between voting is more of a time for politicians and journalists to do what they can. We can sign petitions or attend rallies if we think it helps, but there is really only so much people can do about politics if they are not politicians or journalists. Our primary job as individuals outside of those categories is to live our lives in a way that is good for us and those we have committed to. What use is any of it if nobody is enjoying life?

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