Sign: Firefly

Indoors at work, checking out some books and chatting with the patron, suddenly a bug was flying slowly at my face. I dodged it careful not sure what it was only to discover it was a harmless Firefly. I was surprised to see such a bug indoor during the day when they are normally out at evening.

So I looked up the meaning of Fireflies. For some reason I hesitate to post too much of the meaning from the site I found… however, you are free to visit:

What stood out to me in the meaning is the repeated link to creativity and also being efficient and not ‘burning out.’ The Firefly has this meaning because it lights up like a candle without producing heat.

I had not noticed a sign for a few days, I had been kind of focused on life. So sometimes the sign has to fly right in my face for me to notice it.

Categories: Beginnings

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  1. I have recently taken to calling the fireflies “Glowbutts” or “Mr. & Ms. Glowbutt”. I was talking to some of them outside the night before last. I’m eccentric like that.

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