Throwback Tuesday: What I learned about Manifesting through Gaming

What I learned about Manifesting through Gaming

I am a small time gamer. Today’s free phone games are very interesting in that they are played through time. You get a certain number of moves and then you have to wait for energy to refill. If you avoid the game for a week, you miss events! I am playing Battle Camp. It is a social game, where you work together to make progress in Troops. A great many Troops will kick you out for a week of inactivity. Some will kick you out for two days of inactivity. As a child (before Animal Crossing), if you left a game for a week nothing changed. The Saved Game was waiting for when you were ready to enjoy it.

So Battle Camp is a major distraction during spiritual learning. However, it is a process of learning in itself. Games are teachers too. When you sacrifice your time for a game, it is different then from work. You do not earn money. You earn invisible points that you know are worthless. Still, you are drawn to sacrifice for nothing, yet isn’t this what the Soul is doing on Earth? We earn only our experience. Our Soul can Manifest Food, and Resources Galore.

Yet, it doesn’t. In many of these free phone games today, I run across sites announcing how to cheat. I wonder what the point of cheating at a game is. The game is to challenge you, and you have fun in the process. If you cheat, you win the game, but you don’t really get to play it either. I think that is particularly why people have trouble Manifesting great wealth from nothingness. The Soul doesn’t want to cheat just because it can. The whole point of it playing this game called life is the experiences that it offers. So when people go about asking the Soul to Manifest anything, the Soul still asks for some sort of effort.

I am suddenly reminded of Jesus being tempted in the desert. He was asked to manifest stone into food to eat, but he didn’t. He was also offered great wealth, and an army to rule the world with. He had the ability to manifest a whole army to fight off the Romans, but he was wiser than that. So too do we each have the ability to manifest the change we wish to see in the World. Yet, Our Soul says to play the game. We can manifest that change, but we have to follow the rules we each decided on together.

The trick is that we have forgotten a lot of how we designed the game. I couldn’t tell you exactly what the rules are. So when I listen to a video about Manifesting. I am a little confused as to whether it is the same as those sites telling the gamer how to cheat. Perhaps it is just reminding us how the game is designed so that we can play it in a new (advanced) way.

Some games are designed to have cheats as a possibility. The game, The Sims, comes with many popular cheats. It is a particularly good game for analyzing how we live life. When I was younger, I would cheat to gain wealth in that game. I never waited for wealth to build naturally. I would cheat for wealth, and then play other aspects of the game, like house design, or family building. When I returned to the game, I discovered I liked to play the game without cheats.

Perhaps this world is designed as open-endedly as The Sims. You are put into the world, and decide what to focus on. You are given the cheat codes (if you care to look them up), and, to a limit, your Soul allows you to use them. Yet, what is the point of playing a game, and cheating? If you cheat, you actually miss out on quite a lot of the game.

I have this weird picture in my head. Where I am standing next to an enlightened Hayhouse author like Kyle Gray. We are both giving lectures about our enlightenment, and, during the break, I find time to pull up Battle Camp on my phone. Kyle Gray looks at me funny, wondering how this seemingly enlightened being is still caught in the distractions of life to the point they play Facebook games. “Why pointless games, when there is are ancient texts to study, and Yoga to do?” he asks. Yet, as you hopefully now see, you can learn as much from your distractions as anything else.

The best thing to do is to follow your heart. If you enjoy ancient texts, and Yoga, learn from it. If you enjoy games, see what you can learn from the game. Your Soul is guiding you through what you enjoy. I happen to enjoy reading Hayhouse books while playing Battle Camp on the side. Battle Camp has a lot of waiting time, so plenty of time to read (or clean/cook) during the wait.

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