How I found practice when I was doing Intuitive Readings

I was very outside the loop at that point with a deck of Tarot Cards, a Tarot book and a need to practice on someone. Only my family was very religious Catholics so readings for them mostly wasn’t in the cards. I noticed that one-month Ebay was running really cheap listings. So I wrote out a listing confessing that I was a young psychic in training. I had no idea what I was doing but wanted to practice. I had the legal disclaimer just in case and listed the price low enough that if I didn’t know what I was doing, no one would be overly upset.

I did get good reviews at this point, and now am thinking of trying it again. Only my own way.

In fact, I have an idea right now. Not to do the same, but to offer writings on any topic on Etsy for really cheap.

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    • Yet, I do not want to offer Tarot readings. I want to offer blessings and answer interesting questions. In my view when one does a Tarot reading, and the person gives too much of their power over to the reader, the reader becomes responsible for whatever choices are made based on that reading.

      While Tarot readings are helpful and important, I do not want to take on that responsibility. So for me Tarot readings would not be inexpensive because people are paying me to help them make important decisions.

      I respect Tarot readers but do not want that role. I like the role of a Channeler better or even a Medium. I am certainly willing to take the role of a Prayer even if that job is no longer traditional.

      • Thank you for explaining your perspective. I was just looking at it from the perspective of marketability. What you said makes sense though. There is a weight that can come with reading people. Best of luck with the offerings. 🙂

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