Universal Balance

In ‘the top ten things dead people want to tell YOU’ author Mike Dooley makes the following claim…

Based on our attitude and self-worth (which contains things other than just money) but for argument sake, this is simplified into dollar signs…

If a person has a $300,000 attitude and they lose $100,000 in due to a thief for a bad investment the Universe will naturally flow that $100,000 back to them. If they win a million dollars, and their attitude doesn’t change, they will make mistakes until they are back to $300,000.

Now I am going to exert my own views into if this statement is true.

If this is true, the first step to increasing your bank account is to invest in yourself. Take the time to put value in your own stock.

Technically speaking, winning items is one of the least fun ways of acquiring things. You have to hire a lawyer and a team of advisors to help you invest. In most states a lottery win cannot be anonymous, so you will have people begging for you to invest with them. You have to hire a tax lawyer too. Big-headache. I am not sure anyone here has ever considered winning the lottery enough to do some research into what you need to do, afterward, or the aftereffects of not keeping anonymous. And no, putting it in a bank doesn’t work well anymore. The rate of interest is often lower than the rate of inflation. Yet, I am not going to go into all the advice I have researched on what to do with lottery wins.

Actually, at our rate of discovery and self-investment, we are the lottery winners of the future, though we might not actually get the money through the lottery.

Granted, I think my attitude has increased in value much over the years. The person I am now is completely different. I am expressive and unafraid. Secrets I have held onto are coming into the light for I have chosen the path of Honesty to the best of my ability. Granted, I know not where things will lead, but I am proud to say that I have now made $50 writing. Not on Etsy, but for a study on disability and life stories.

Yep, I got $50 not pretending I know more than others, but by honestly relating my experience.
For I do not know more than you or have access to a wisdom beyond another’s. Yet, I do have my views and experiences to share.

You see, I am a writer and a pretty talented one at that. I have a wealth of experiences. I honestly think I do have an attitude much beyond the amount in my bank account. I have a willingness to be both student and teacher. I consider viewpoints other than my own even if originally I disagree. I am always willing to reconsider. To mold my world view or increase it to include a new portion of all that is.

Now I do not know what the dollar sign of my attitude is. Yet, I do fully expect an increase of influx of abundance.

Yet, for me to win the lottery too soon, I would go through the stress of watching it slowly slip away… that is if Mike Dooley’s concept is true. Historically speaking, people who win the lottery somehow lose the money. A great majority of lottery winners end up bankrupt. So the evidence does not contradict Mike Dooley’s claim.

To me, this is what Law of Attraction Therapy is about. What Abraham-Hicks is providing to the world in the channelings is therapy (which can be found for free on the internet) for what some people refer to as Poverty Mentality. Apparently, I have forgotten how to spell ‘Poverty’ because I had to do a google search twice… the first time the suggestion was ‘Property.’

Overall, I have discovered that a lot of the arguments against Law of Attraction are misunderstandings. While I have yet to settle down to write an academic study of the concept, I did run across this. Now this is part of a comment that I do not know if the person would like me using their name, but I think the information valuable.

LoA = Law of Attraction. Wikipedia sums it up nicely “The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.’ When my friend Lynn first told me about “The Law of Attraction” about 10 years ago (she learned about it through a marketing seminar), she was explaining the concept to me as if it were some sort of revelation to her. All I could think of was “Duh. Doesn’t everyone know that this is how Universal/Cosmic Law tends to work? Does it really need to have a modern name? Not to mention books and workshops devoted to explaining the concept to people?) lol. I hope I don’t offend anyone here by stating it like that. I may intuitively understand the Law of Attraction, but I am also familiar with it through academic study – The LoA closely corresponds to “sympathetic magic” (practiced by ancient peoples as well as today’s Neo-Pagans), and “The Principle of Correspondence,” (the 3rd of The 7 Hermetic Principles) – “As within, so without,” or just the simple concept of how “intent” in your thoughts and actions is integral to achieving your goals. I know I got long-winded there. Sorry. Peace!

So yet another ‘modern’ day practice that is not really ‘modern’ at all. The same goes with the D.N.A. upgrades, which used to be spoken in different terms like the ‘quest for the holy grail’ and the ‘blood royale.’ History appears to be introducing the same concepts with different languages over and over again. Each time it feels fresh and new, but it is the same divine wisdom that has guided us throughout the ages.

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