Throwback Tuesday: Why I have never written a weekly reading

Why I have never written a weekly reading

I have noticed online a lot of people will do a reading for every week. A reading they post online for everyone. Yet, I don’t want people looking to me as a great psychic who can provide answers. I have nothing you do not have. My blog is called Intuitive Voyage and started out with as a person drawn to the metaphysical, but resisting based on Science and Religion.
I no longer include all my posts on my blog, because I feel I was immature in some of them. Yet, I have come to embrace the New Age, and still, honor all other spiritual paths that lead people to goodness. The truth of a spiritual path is not found completely in the word, but truly in the way it leads people to live life. If a person is good and happy, they are the best examples of their faith.

Anyway, I do not think I have any greater intuitive abilities than you. I think if you truly looked into a set of cards, you could find a personal reading far better than the one I could have given you. The benefit of having others read your cards is to overcome that fact that our wishes can cloud our intuitive abilities. For example: If you have a crush you might be inclined see in a reading information about New Romance.

For this reason, when I started out I did not use my Cards to read the future as much as uncover things I hadn’t thought about. The cards are tools to get your intuition thinking. The true power is of your mind.

The problem with having another person give you a reading, however, is that you are giving away your power. There are some people out there claiming to be psychics that are just trying to get your money. They will say you are cursed and charge you huge amounts of money to remove the curse. These are con-artists that have arisen because people do put a lot of belief into the label of psychic. So if you get a reading, do not leave your own power at home. Remember you are just as psychic and know yourself better than any other human.

I have noticed that when I re-blog sometimes it is hard to tell it is a re-blog. I do not do weekly readings for others. When I post about a spread of cards, it applies to me. I am just showing how I read cards so others can get confidence. Do not give your power to me. I do not want it. I know that weekly reading posts are popular, but I have always been torn about how accurate a reading for the public is. Because there are so many different factors in different lives.

I think that people make these posts with the best intentions, and I enjoy them. Still, it is dangerous ground. It is other people’s lives they are impacting, and they need to respect that. Because I do not want to take that responsibility in my hands, I will try to avoid giving readings online.

It is the same with healing. I keep on being told I am a natural healer. Yet, I in no way want to start a healing practice. I would rather speak or write words that remind people of their own power to heal. To remind them to pray, and be joyful. Even through, I am told I have healing abilities, I think that it is, also, no greater than yours. The best place to start healing is in the mind.

That is what I love about the author Doreen Virtue, she as written book after book, but they all seem to say the same thing in so many beautiful ways. Pray to the Angels for help. They are waiting your permission to help. Nothing is too small. It might not come in the form you imagined it, and you might need to overcome your resistance to be helped before they can act. You can pray for help overcoming that resistance. I suggest you read one of her books sometime.

I say, also remember you take a big part in healing yourself. You are the most important player. The Angels are good for when you do not have the confidence of your own natural healing abilities and as a backup.

I decided that my healing power would be better directed into prayers to heal our health system. I believe in the health system, but know it needs help. Despite what I have heard other say, I think that Doctors sometimes suffer from the same problem as Psychics. People give them too much of their power, and forget they are important in the healing process.

Just like some Psychics are con-artists, so to do some Doctors become con-artists. In both cases, there are people who hear about the con-artists and say all Doctors/Psychics are bad. I think most Doctors are good, but it takes a long time for new science to enter into the medical system. A patient needs to become a semi-expert on their own illness. It is hard to do because the Internet is… tricky. I suggest going to a Librarian for the best databases to access. If you live by a University they often have a Librarian with a medical specialty. Either way, a Librarian is trained in the finding of Information and might be able to point out the genuine sources.

I suggest telling the Librarian you want to learn about the illness. Because If you word things wrong they might just tell you to talk to your Doctor. Say you want a personal understanding of this illness, and need help finding scholarly sources.

You still need to talk to your Doctor before taking action. You might have to show him the sources you found so he can see you are not just getting crazy ideas off the Internet.

I am so off topic. I hope this helps someone. Believe in your own power.

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